Cutting Edge Pulmonary Treatment at the Lung Insitute

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The Lung Institute is dedicated to providing regenerative medicine. At the heart of the treatment regimens at Lung Institute is the use of stem cell therapies to address different types of lung disease. The Lung Institute exists to provide individuals with appropriate and effective treatment alternatives for lung conditions. More information available on

The professional team of experienced physicians at Lung Institute have garnered worldwide notoriety for the successful utilization of truly revolutionary and minimally invasive stem cell treatments at assist in addressing lung disease. The doctor on the team have over a century of combined experience in treating men women , and children with lung diseases and conditions.

The Lung Institute operates what is described as a world-class facility. The Lung Institute utilizes a therapeutic procedure that includes stem cell transplants. These specialized transplants utilize what is known as autologous stem cells and platelet-rich plasma.

Autologous stem cells and platelet enriched plasma involves the use of a patients own blood products. This proves to be more effective than other alternatives when it comes to addressing the symptoms of a heath problem or issue being faced by a person.

Because the treatment and therapy regimens utilized by the Lung Institute are minimally invasive, there typically are performed on an outpatient basis. In addition to being minimally invasive, the side effects associated with the therapies offered by the Lung Institute are minimal, as a general rule. Read:

A person suffering from a lung disease or condition can schedule a no obligation, no cost consultation with the Lung Institute. Through this preliminary appointment, a person can obtain an overview of what treatment options are available. There is no charge and no obligation associated with a preliminary meeting with the professionals at the Lung Institute. A preliminary consultation can be scheduled at any time that is convenient to a personal afflicted with a lung condition or disease.

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