ROC Nation Executive Desiree Perez is Leaving Her Mark On the Music Industry

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Desiree Perez is a well-known powerhouse in the music industry mostly due to her role as an executive for ROC Nation. The music industry continues to grow year after year largely in part to people like Perez who bring their business savvy minds to the table and are able to propose ideas that are able to keep up with the ever involving landscape. Desiree works magic for many of her clients one of the most notable being popular artist Rihanna. Perez is said to be the key piece to the puzzle in completing a deal worth an estimated twenty-five million dollars with the tech giant Samsung so that they would promote Rihanna’s popular Anti performance tour. Perez and Rihanna are two extremely influential women in the industry due largely to the way they play off of one another. Rihanna is able to thrive in the spotlight while Desiree is more of a behind the scenes player albeit no less important. Perez often is tasked with negotiating the contracts of many notable stars like Rihanna at once which is quite the tall task given all of their respective overwhelming popularity. Perez is currently the Chief Operations Officer of ROC nation and a well-known associate of music mogul Jay-Z. She is in charge of managing the team that is running the day to day operations of ROC Nation. Perez is currently in extremely high demand by rising artists but her services do not come cheap and rightfully so. She has continued to exceed expectations and blaze a trail as a top musical executive for the foreseeable future. for more.