Understanding environmental law

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Environmental law is a section of the law that pertain issues of concern to the natural resources and the environment. The law often relates to issues such as global warming, depletion of natural resources, and pollution of air, water and soil.
Governments, either local or federal, are responsible for the administration of environmental laws. For example, in the United States, Environmental Protection Agency is the overall government body that deals with matters of environmental administration. Additionally, there are minor environmental agencies that deal the administration of environmental regulations within the state.
In both cases, the chief federal agency and state agencies administer the environmental law designed to protect not only the natural resources and the environment but also the human health. These bodies have the mandate of passing laws that govern the environmental issues. The bodies are also responsible for enforcing those regulations through legal actions to those who violate it.
Generally, environmental law is divided into two categories. The first category is the one that deals with pollution control and remediation. The second category deals with the conservation of natural resources. There are many sources of these two categories of environmental law. Most common, they are derived from international treaties that pertain to issues like the prohibition of fishing or hunting of endangered species, reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and banning the testing of environmentally destructive weapons.
Usually, those who violate environmental laws face civil charges, with the imposition of civil damages and fines to the affected party. But some countries have started to change tune by enacting laws that criminalize environmentally destructive activities or behaviors. They have introduced jail term for those who violate laws meant to safeguard the interests of protected environments.
Other issues that safeguard the environment include designing of products meant to control emissions, energy-efficient electronic devices and environmentally friendly materials. Some of these products are exempted from taxes as they are intended to benefit the environment. Examples of such products include solar panels, biogas products and fuel efficiency vehicles.
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Simon Pegg Offers Support for Tom Cruise

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English actor Simon Pegg recently told the Sunday Times Magazine that he does not understand why so many people criticize Tom Cruise for “preaching” Scientology. The 45-year-old Pegg has been friends with the 52-year-old Cruise for almost a decade: They became friends when they started working together in 2006 on the Mission Impossible film series.

Pegg stated that he can’t recall Cruise ever talking about Scientology over the years. He said that Cruise and he work out together and that Cruise is not the same man in private as he is in public. Pegg emphasized that Cruise’s public “persona” is very separate from the real Cruise. Pegg further stated that he likes hanging out with Cruise. He said that the more someone knows Tom Cruise, the more they realize that he is less “complex” than the way people imagine him to be based on how the media has presented him in the past.

Fans like Sam Tabar know that some of Cruise’s critics though believe that this sudden gushing review of Cruise by Pegg is a public relations manipulation because Cruise is trying to carefully separate himself from the more fanatical and ridiculous parts of the Scientology religion since the release of “Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief.” The movie criticizes Scientology at length and Cruise’s role supporting it.

In earlier years, Cruise did repeatedly “preach” about Scientology at Scientology-sponsored events. He even did a Scientology recruitment video.