Rick Smith: Leading One of the Largest Prison Telecom Company

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Rick Smith is the current chief executive officer of one of the largest prison telecommunications company in the United States, Securus Technologies. He graduated with a degree in Electrical Engineering, as well as a master’s degree in Business Administration. He was chosen to become the chief executive officer of Securus Technologies by the company’s board of directors, and their main reason was his superb background, especially in the telecommunications industry. Rick Smith, prior to joining Securus Technologies, was an employee at Frontier Corporation where he worked under different departments, including IT, finance, operations and business development. Rick Smith developed some of the vital corporate skills when he was still starting, and these skills that he learned would soon help him in achieving his dreams.

Rick Smith also served as the chief executive officer of Eschelon Telecom Inc., and his skills in leading a company have pushed them into a different level. Their profit has risen tenfold, and the telecommunications company became one of the most successful in the industry back in 2005. Rick Smith has been the chief executive officer of Securus Technologies since 2008, and under his leadership, the company managed to become one of the two largest prison telecommunications company in America. He loves to improve the services that the company is providing, and the latest development that the company has gone to was the innovation of their video calling services. With the knowledge that their technology department has, they managed to create a faster video calling platform that will be useful especially for families who are longing for their love ones locked inside one of the country’s state facilities. The company has also installed booths inside prisons that would allow the prisoners to video call someone from the outside, without the hassle of face to face visitations. Aside from improving the video calling technology, Rick Smith also directed the introduction of biometrics technology to be used inside the prison cells to ensure security and organization.

Because of the success that Securus Technologies is experiencing, issues have started to surface. The biggest issue that Rick Smith is facing is the claim of some groups that they are charging too high for their services. Rick Smith has already explained that the high cost of their services is due to commission that is being given to the authorities, and not for the company itself. He explains that commissions to authorities are permitted under the law, and advised their critics to support them in their goal of providing better communications to inmates. Securus Technologies keeps on growing, as they expand further into Canada. Their patents and inventions have also been funded continuously, with the company already spending $600 million just for their protection.