The Popularity of Cleaning Services

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Over the past decade, at least, cleaning services have become increasingly popular among people of every demographic and income bracket. When these services were first established and introduced, they were more popular with those with a few extra dollars to spare each week. However, because these companies have decreased their rates, most anyone can afford to have a service come in and clean their home without having to worry about the cost. Not only are these cleaning services affordable, the employees themselves do an excellent job with their work, leaving the homes they work in in clean and immaculate condition.

An up and coming service that’s hit the work force lately is Handybook, or Handy for short. The difference between Handy and other home cleaning companies is that it has a similar resemblance to the car company, Uber. Like Uber, Handy oversees payments and scheduling depending on the supply and demand. The brand is rapidly growing, remaining a contender among its competitors. Their numbers and demand continue to grow, raising $12 million with sales increasing at 60% for three months straight in 2014.

The company itself only houses 50 employees, but freelancers come by the tens of thousands to take on work for them. Currently, the company is only operating out of 25 cities, with offices located in Boston, Chicago, San Francisco and Los Angeles, but they’re quickly expanding to other cities. They’ve also recently expanded toward Canada and London, providing service for people there. In a way to knock out the competition, Handybook bought out, Exec, a cleaning business based on the west coast.

Handy has give its customers a great convenience by inviting them to download their app. The app allows the customer to select and time and date of their choosing, decide which rooms need to be cleaned and are then offered a price quote with their city’s tax and a standard tip included within the price. If the price is to the customer’s satisfaction, their card will be charged without worrying about underpaying the employee and overcharging the customer. To ensure the safety of both the customers and the company, Handybook screens all of its employees as well as the freelancers, and will cover the cost if something is damaged or if the customer is not satisfied with the work that’s been done.

With over one million dollars worth of bookings per week, the company is steadily climbing in success and beating out every competitor with the conveniences it provides. Consumers are becoming more and more comfortable with being able to book online due to technology becoming as advanced as it has. There’s no longer a need to call a cleaning service or hire a company full time to get a room or two, or even whole houses cleaned. Whenever a customer feels it’s needed, they have the app to turn to whenever necessary.

If Handy keeps going at the rate they’ve been going since the company’s launch, it won’t be long before it becomes the number one choice among consumers. People want it to be as easy as possible to book services and Handy has made it simple.