What Shervin Pishevar’s Statements mean for Digital Transactions

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Cryptocurrencies are sometimes called digital ledgers. Actually, this is what blockchains are, records of digital transactions. Many of Shervin Pishevar’s statements apply to the growing cryptocurrency market.

Shervin Pishevar pointing to innovation being threatened by monopolies has very big implications for the world of crypto. Innovation is what is driving this market. It is also what the industry is trying to solve. Unlike luxuries, cryptocurrencies are solutions to innovation problems. If not outright solutions, then they are more efficient ways of completing a digital transaction. Required documents for legal, financial and real estate transactions already have dedicated projects.

Another aspect of Shervin Pishevar’s statement is that of small business. Monopolies necessitate a funneling of agendas. In contrast, small businesses provide market diversity. This becomes more important as a human being is closer to the impact of decisions. Few like monopolies. Many more either fear or are ambivalent toward them. Given the choice of a practical means to equally provide the necessities of life, humans would rather have choices. It is why voting matters so much.

Taken together, innovation and small business have the potential to usher in a much better world. It does this by solving problems directly. Instead of an all top-down approach, smart contracts can be employed on a blockchain with specifics that can only be discovered by small enterprise. The blindness of a massive corporation is the strength of localized business. This is the essence of the free enterprise system. It is why America values strong independent states over federal influence.

Of course, federal laws are needed. They exist for when people have things in common. But quite often humans live amid a myriad of different environmental and cultural factors. What might work for construction in the mountains, may not near ocean communities. Water drainage may be the most notable. Also consider how roads around the metropolis of NYC are darker than California. A glaring sun is obvious when one sees it every day. Free enterprise is based on a system of survival. This is how blockchains were built. It is what Shervin Pishevar recognized.


Pop Culture: Lasting or Just a Bunch of Fads?

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Whether you’re a HBO junkie, an avid movie-goer, or simply a Lady Gaga crazed fan, pop culture seems to constantly infiltrate our lives. While the ideas that pop culture sends us may seem awesome at the time, do these theories and states of mind really last upon us or is pop culture just a bunch of fads?

Pop culture is basically a set of ideas that expose human habits and culture in general in an entertaining way reports researcher Flávio Pentagna Guimarães BMG. Once these ideas are put out into the stratosphere, Pop culture spreads like wildfire. Sites like YouTube are a great example as viral videos gain millions of views within days and you’ll hear token phrases on the street in no time. While much of the content that is released everyday can be negative, the ultimate affect on the user is up to the user themselves. So does social media affect us for the long term?

Not for the long haul, most people say. Take for example sayings and popular characters from the 80’s. Do you constantly refer to these anymore? While referring to the past can be fun and reflective, people don’t place too much importance on pop culture. After all, you are your own person. Maybe certain media did influence the way you saw things at a certain point, but by putting pop culture on a pedestal you would be giving it control over your life.

While pop culture can be intoxicating at times, its focus is really on creating a testament to a certain point in time. Seasons change and so do people, so don’t invest too much thought in the pop culture fads that surround you. There’ll be plenty more in the future.

Facebook Updates New Community Standards

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On Monday, Facebook unveiled what messages, images and other content are allowed on the social network and why.

The world’s largest social network provided users more guidance on what may cause the removal of a message, for example, violence and sexual exploitation, intolerance, criminal activity or harassment.

Facebook also makes it clear that when it comes to terrorist groups, there won’t be any blame game, nor will they accept content that supports them.

The company, based in Menlo Park, California, said they are not changing the way they regulate content of messages, and although some of the rules for users are new, some “are consistent with the standards we have applied in the past. ”

In a blog posted on Monday, Facebook said it is a challenge to maintain a set of standards that meet the needs of its entire community. People at Anastasia Date have found that over 80% of users are outside the United States and Canada.

“People may have a different view on what is appropriate to share: the video of a joke can be annoying for one person, but may not violate our standards” they wrote in the blog.

Users creating a page or particular content that violates the standards of the site can be reported by the community. Click on the link “report” to notify Facebook, and the company then weighs if the content should be removed or not.

Facebook also released its latest report on requests received from governments around the world in the second half of 2014 on Monday.

Skout Lists the Top Friendliest Cities

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Congratulations to the web for celebrating its friends! Social Media has never been so popular. One top leader who continues to grow globally is none other than Skout.

As the social world of the online community grows we celebrate February 4th, 2015 as the first official International Online Friendship Day. Skouts focus on growing the worlds global population has brought together nearly 500 million online users as friends. A trend that has people feeling a freedom of sorts. Honesty online is a happening thing.

Not to be outdone, Skout is the social app in more than 180 countries. Reaching out globally in fourteen languages through the Internet to grow friends and your business too.

A recent top-ten survey done by Skout members rated the top friendliest U.S. cities. To see if your hometown city made the list click here.

Since 2007 the company has been head-quartered in San Francisco with a commitment to growing the safest social media platform to its users around the world. Share your world in the place that gave International Online Friendship Day a reason for being. And yes, you can even connect to them through Facebook and other social media.

See the original Press Release or learn more about Skout globalization for friends, click here to join in.