Securing Data with OneLogin

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For very long time since the information age was introduced, businesses have been using passwords so as to secure the access to the data of the company. The password is however not enough to protect company’s precious information in the current times. Hackers have been breaking into the computer systems of companies and releasing passwords and usernames to the open web. In order to curb this regular occurrences, security professionals have started exploring ways on how to minimize the impact of this threat. In the last several years, the multi-factor authentication has been more ubiquitous and it is now the time for the introduction of biometric technologies as an alternative authentication system.

Biometrics is described as something you are and not something you know. There are two major categories of biometrics; behavioral and physiological. The physiological biometrics normally includes everything from voice to fingerprints, facial, iris, and heartbeat pattern recognition. Behavioral biometrics on the other hand includes factors like navigation patterns, hand tremor, right or left handedness and also keystroke dynamics. Behavioral biometrics is not optimal as an only form of authentication since they do not have the immediate uniqueness characteristic which is offered by physiological techniques. However, behavioral biometrics is most effective when used together with other data such as device data such as hardware attributes or IP and physiological biometrics.

In order to improve the overall identity as well as access management strategy for a company, security professionals should find the best combination of behavioral biometrics, password authentication and physiological biometrics. With their project known as Abacus, Goggle has decided to take things to another level. This project combines the two forms of biometrics so as to minimize the use of passwords. It has been successfully tested in academic environment.

OneLogin is a company that offers security and speed to the modern enterprise as a top identity management and SSO (Single Sign-on). Businesses use OneLogin so as to secure their company data, end users efficiencies and increase IT administrator. OneLogin is also a pioneer when it comes to creating open standards for identity management which include OpenID Connect, SCIM and SAML