Robert Ivy: Award Winning Architect

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Robert Ivy is an eminent architect and designer as well as author, editor and practicing architect who is currently the “Chief Executive officer of the American Institute of Architects”. Robert Ivy has been involved in other illustrious firms pertaining to his current profession. For instance, in 1996, Mr. Ivy became the editor in chief of “Architectural Record”, as well as “McGraw-Hill Construction Media” whose job was to produce a magazine presenting supportable design in architecture. Like many other excelling businessmen, Robert Ivy has in some way contributed to increasing the firm he works for. For instance, his editorial leadership in “Architectural Record” opened the door for industry honors and numerous awards such as ”The Premier Magazine Journalism Award”, “American Society of Magazine Editors National Magazine Award” and many more to name a few.

Ivy has been in partnership with other companies that have in turn been ensured a flourishing revenue and recognition with his help. Robert Ivy has earned a spot on search engines and other means of fame from his constant contributions as well as numerous awards for practically every company he has participated in, for seemingly every year. In 2008, Ivy earned the MPA Digital Award, 2009 the “Crain Award” (and said to be the highest recognition for an individual in American business media), and in 2010, he won the “Alpha Rho Chi” a national architecture fraternity award for his success in liaising the value of design.

Ivy added to his ability to create an efficient company after graduating from Tulane University in New Orleans, Louisiana with a Bachelors in the Arts.

With so many imposing awards, and commitment to seeing the firms through a substantial growth and prosperity, Robert Ivy has in time received a grand award known as the “Polk Noel Lifetime Achievement Award”. Known simply as the “Polk Award”, this award is given to artist and art patrons whose artwork over a great span of time has been honored and recognized. Awarded by the Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters, Ivy is said to be the first architect to receive such an award.

Ivy has come to be so well known for his dedication to enhancing projects and firms while receiving recognition for his efforts through awards. A man of talent proves to be a leading aider of community and putting his talents to the best of their ability.

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Tony Petrello Invites Tommy Tune To His Home For Post-Performance Party

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Tony Petrello, the CEO of one of the world’s most prestigious oil drilling contractors, Nabors Industries recently reached out to a Houston performing arts committee to welcome performer Tommy Tune home. Tune is a Broadway actor who grew up in Houston and saw his star rise over the years. He even won several Tony awards for his performances in musicals like “The Will Rogers Follies,” “Nine” and “Seesaw.” He performed in Miller Outdoor Theater in this latest trip back home, and afterward Petrello brought him back to his house for a reception party. Tune was honored by the welcome and shared stories with the Petrello family and the other guests on various life events.

Tony Petrello became famous in Houston for major drilling deals he’s made at Nabors Industries, and the company currently owns the largest land-based rigs. He’s seen high profits come in for the company during his time, and even this last year’s fiscal reports showed $2.6 billion in production revenue. Petrello also has pushed for high-tech developments like automation and advanced software drilling programs, and a recent acquisition of another Houston oil well company, Tesco Corporation has solidified the company’s position as a world drilling innovation leader.

Tony Petrello became Chief Executive Officer of Nabors because he has always shown an innate ability to troubleshoot problems and find solutions in ways that few others do. He excelled in mathematics in his childhood and early adult life, and he even graduated with high honors in advanced math from Yale University. Petrello’s next move was to go into law school at Harvard where he got his JD, and shortly after he obtained his license to practice in New York. He specialized in corporate and tax laws as an associate and later managing partner at Baker & McKenzie up until he was hired to the Board of Directors as Chief Operating Officer of Nabors Industries in 1991. 20 years later he was appointed to his current role.

Philanthropy is just as important to Tony Petrello as running a billion-dollar company, and that’s why he’s given to many local groups over the years. The Texas Children’s Hospital has been especially supported by Petrello because he has a daughter who was born with periventricular leukomalacia which has affected her life greatly. But even if his daughter has no cure for her current disability, Petrello is fighting to make sure other children don’t have to deal with the same issues, and he supports neurological research through TCH’s medical facility giving $7 million to it thus far.

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A How-To Guide For Aloha Construction

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Aloha Construction is at the top of its game as of now, and it has been for quite some time. The Lake Zurich based company covers a broad geographical-area, which includes the entire Chicagoland region. Some of the municipalities that receive services are Grayslake, Bloomington, Lake Villa, Round Lake Beach, Libertyville, Vernon Hills, Round Lake, Washington, Hoffman Estates and Vernon Hills. This includes the counties of McHenry, DuPage and Cook. In addition to the state of Illinois, if you just so happen to reside in Southern Wisconsin, you can also receive services. Aloha Construction has taken its game to an all-new level, and it has plenty of satisfied customers that will attest to it.

One of the company’s best features is that it has one of the most thorough inspection processes out of any general contractor. This nine-step inspection process is designed to get down to the root of the issue or issues. It is very important because it can detect and identify any structural issues to home. This extraordinary nine-step inspection process checks for damages to the roofing material, gives an accurate life-span of the shingles, checks your home’s attic ventilation and many more. What more could you ever ask for. Another great benefit of Aloha Construction is that the company can help those with financing the project. This general contractor is very progressive in its actions, and it has partnered with Synchrony to achieve goal. Synchrony has over 84 years of experience in dealing with financing, and the company is one of the largest subsidiaries for private-label credit cards.

Aloha Construction is definitely on top of its game. The positives definitely outweigh the negatives, but there aren’t any negatives to begin with. If you want to make reparations to your home, then this is surely the best route to take.

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What Life Has Been Like For The Bumble Founder And CEO, Whitney Wolfe Herd.

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Whitney Herd is a popular American entrepreneur. She is the Chief Executive Officer and founder of Bumble. She was born in 1989 in Salt Lake City, Utah. She joined Southern Methodist University for her college education. She did a major in International Studies. As a student, she began selling bamboo tote bags as a business to earn her some extra coins.

Later, Whitney Herd collaborated with Patrick Aufdenkamp, a celebrity stylist and they formed an organization named Hel Us Project. It was a non-profit organization whose main goal was to help society. When Herd graduated, she went to South East Asia where she continued with her helping acts in orphanages.

In December 2014, she launched a dating app that favored women by making them superior unlike in other dating platforms. It gives the woman the chance to initiate conversation. She realized that women were denied chances of contacting men in dating apps and she felt it would be an amazing idea to change that. This was an amazing beginning for Whitney Herd.

A year later, the app had more than 15 million special conversations and over 80 million matches. Whitney could not have asked for more and seeing the success of her app was overwhelming to her.

Bumble gained popularity and it was competing with the best dating apps. It ranked fourth as at April 2016. This was a great achievement for Whitney Herd. In 2014, she was named among the 30 Most Important Women Under 30 In Tech by the Business Insider. She was also recognized among Elle’s Women in Tech in 2016. In 2017 and 2018, she was in Forbes 30 under 30. All these recognitions were due to the outcome of her hard work in app.

Moreover, Bumble has introduced a new feature, Bumble Bizz, where the users can promote their careers. On introducing Bizz, Bumble had a mission in networking and mentoring, not searching for employment or employees.

Whitney Herd is a wife, married to an oil heir Michael. Their wedding was held in September in Villa Tre Ville, Italy. Although both of them are into making their careers keep booming, they always have time together and most importantly support each other. Bumble has taken Whitney Herd to a level she never imagined before. She has received awards and her fame has become worldwide. Whitney Herd to make more use of Bumble as time goes by.

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Market America Inspires People To Create Change For Their Future

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There is always an opportunity for one to create change for himself. One of the best opportunities to start fresh is in the beginning of the new year. People have the opportunity to create the change they want so that they will enjoy a prosperous year as well as a prosperous future beyond that. People can work with companies such as Market America in order to come up with a great business strategy that will insure the success of the entrepreneur or the business for the year and the foreseeable future. Market America is in fact one of the best companies to sign up and promote products with.

One of the reasons that Market America is the company to go to is that it inspires people to make changes they need for a positive life, especially with business. This product broker comes up with some of the best ideas on how to move forward with the right goals. These ideas help people find own inspiration and move forward in the best way they can. People who are weary from the previous year can get that extra spark they need to move forward with their plans.

One of the best things about the new year is that it is the best time to develop some new goals and figure out new ways to pursue these goals. Then people can go to work on their business or other activities with a freshness that they haven’t experienced in a while. One of the best things for people to do in the new year while they are pursuing their goals is to give themselves regular rewards. This can easily be done when selling products from Market America. Rewards and incentives can encourage people to continue working with the job or business of their choices.

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How George Soros Have Become a Great Philanthropist

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George Soros happens to be a very famous hedge fund manager and has been on the frontline pursuing success. He happens to be one of the world’s greatest investors who has invested their time and skills for the betterment of their lives and the people who are in need across the society. He happens to be the chairman of Quantum Fund which he established in the year 1970. He has been on the frontline pursuing great success and have also dedicated his life and skills towards great performance. Besides being a great investor, he also happens to be a great philanthropist that the world has looked upon for assistance. He has been able to donate a lot of billions of dollars to various movements across the whole world. The movement is called Opens Society Foundation which he established many decades ago.He has been active in forex trading until today he is over 80 years and he keeps on making a lot of profits from his trades.

George Soros is one of those people who has traded successfully for many years. He used to gain over $1 billion daily in the year 1992 when he was selling British pound. He worked with passion and loved trading so much. Before he established own company, he used to work with various organizations across the world that made him understand the basics of forex trading. He has been on the frontline ensuring that he overcomes everything that comes along his way. He has worked so tirelessly for his success and has been recognized for hard work and commitment when doing his work.

George Soros is a great scholar. He graduated from London School of Economics in the year 1951. After a great performance at the University, he decided to pursue masters degree. While at the school, he used to face a lot of challenges considering the fact that he had come from a foreign country, Hungary. He struggled to support his education and had to look for part-time employment opportunities at the nearby companies. He was working as night club waiter and also a porter at the railways. That way he was able to fully support his education while at the University.

George Soros after graduation left for New York in the United States whereby he wanted to advance his career in finance. He possessed great skills and was only looking for a place to expand his knowledge. He luckily got a chance to work at Singer and Friedlander whereby he was employed as an arbitrage clerk, later he got a chance to work at FM. Mayer and continued rising slowly until the formed Double Edge Fund together with other investors. He wanted to do it alone and after getting enough capital to start his own hedge fund firm, he quit Double Edge due to conflict of interest. He launched Soros Fund Management which is currently known as Quantum Fund Endowment. He has greatly achieved in his time as a forex guru.

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