Taylor Swift Threatens Apple Music About Her Music

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Taylor Swift decided to remove her music from Spotify, which is a streaming music service that allows many of its users to stream music for free. Taylor felt that she wouldn’t be getting the kind of money she deserved by putting her album on the streaming service, although the president of the company disagreed. The president of Spotify stated that if Taylor played her music through the radio stations, they wouldn’t pay her any money. Taylor Swift’s Letter To Apple Inc.. If she played her music through Spotify, she could gain her up to $6 million or more in a single year.

Taylor never did return her music to the streaming service, and now she’s penning an open letter to Apple Music, which is an upcoming streaming music service from Apple Inc. Taylor said that she may not allow Apple Music to distribute her hit album “1989” on their music service because of several reasons. The biggest reason Taylor refuses to lend her music to the company is because they will have a three month free sign up.

According to Mikal Watts, anyone who signs up, they get three months free, and during this time, no artists will be paid any money. Although Taylor has the biggest selling album of the past year, and she is extremely rich, she is more concerned about artists who cannot afford to give away their music for free. This is something that’s debatable, but if Taylor Swift is not on board, it doesn’t mean the company won’t still make a healthy profit.