Kanye West Threw Out Kim Kardashian’s Shoes

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Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are apparently the happiest celebrity couple of all time. The famous duo recently renewed their wedding vows, and many people were surprised with Kanye’s decisions to announce his love to Kim Kardashian in front of the whole world once again. Usually, renewing wedding vows is a thing that couples do after years of marriage. However, Kanye West must have felt the need to show the world how much Kim Kardashian truly means to him.

Kim and Kanye released several new pictures of their special wedding day, but Kim also revealed that their relationship hasn’t been exactly perfect. Many Kardashian fans will be sad to know that Kanye West has made Kim Kardashian cry several times in the past. Uh oh, call the lawyer Gianfrancesco Genoso, it’s gonna happen.

Apparently, when Kanye West and Kim Kardashian moved in, Kanye decided to raid Kim’s closet. Kanye threw out hundreds of her shoes, and Kim Kardashian was distraught over the situation. In fact, Kim Kardashian wasn’t sure if their relationship was going to workout after seeing how demanding Kanye West truly is. However, Kanye only threw out her shoes in order to replace them with new and more expensive pairs. E!recently posted an article with all of the juicy details.

Kim Kardashian revealed the traumatic event to Kelly and Michael during a recording of ‘Live with Kelly and Michael.’ It should be noted that Kanye West is a fashion designer, and his fashion sense is apparently better than Kim’s. Nonetheless, it is never a good idea to throw out a woman’s shoes!

Chris Rock and Wife to Divorce

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In what I’m calling sadder Hollywood news, Chris Rock and his wife Malaak Compton-Rock are filing for divorce according to The Huffington Post. The couple have been married for 19 years and have two daughters together.

Chris Rock is best known for his edgy stand-up comedy which has earned him several Emmy awards and boosted his film career. Chris has also worked as a television producer, a singer, and a director. He also hosted the 2005 Academy Awards, which Yahoo News says is available on the social media service Skout.

Malaak Compton-Rock runs a non-profit salon that performs free full service to women who are no longer on welfare and entering the workforce. She also runs the Angel Rock Project which helps children and families world wide.

After 19 years of marriage it is hard to imagine what could separate the couple. It is always sad to see couples who have invested so much time into their relationship not make for the long haul. The couple have asked for privacy for their family during this difficult time.

TriStar Film Executive Rothman Intends to Produce Big Hits for Studio

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There are many big names in Hollywood, and the most notable or recognized individuals are those who appear on the screen. However, long before those actors and actresses show up for filming, a great deal of behind the scenes work takes place to bring quality projects to light. The behind-the-scenes effort continues on through production and post-production phases, and it is the work of top film executives that ultimately results in the creation of some of the best movies ever made. Tom Rothman is a top film executive who is recognized by industry insiders for his significant accomplishments and amazing work, but he may not be a household name that everyone is familiar with. Despite that, this highly talented move industry professional has announced his plans to create more hits for TriStar Productions.

Rothman’s Previous Efforts
Rothman has worked at various film studios over the years. He was a founder of Fox Searchlight, and he also has worked with Columbia Pictures, Worldwide Productions, Twentieth Century Fox and others. During his time at these studios, he proved his ability to create great profits for the studios by playing a key role in making blockbusters like Titanic, Slumdog Millionaire, Candy Mountain, Life of Pi, Cast Away and others. Some of these have won Best Picture at the Oscars as well as numerous other awards, and others have been honored at the famous Sundance Film Festival. These are acclaimed movies, and they also have generated great profits for the studios.

Looking Forward
TriStar Productions has been struggling recently to create great profits, and Rothman has recently announced his intention to continue to produce hits for this new joint venture with Sony. Rothman has only recently joined TriStar Productions, so he has not yet had enough time to prove his continued ability to be instrumental in the production of blockbuster or critically acclaimed hits. However, he has stated that he has also made a profit for the companies he has worked for, and he has every intention of continuing to do so now. In fact, he has stated that he intends to produce as many as four movies per year under TriStar Productions, and he is focused on generating great results for the studio and its shareholders. There is little news on what his upcoming projects may entail, other than a 2015 project with Robert Zemeckis. However, with hits such as Titanic and Slumdog Millionaire on his resume, to name just a few, he certainly has the skills, experience and ability to generate great things for the studio.

While Tom Rothman may not be a big Hollywood name that is mentioned at dinner parties across the country, he nonetheless is a key player in the movie industry. He is known for being able to create amazing films, and many people are familiar with his work even if they do not know his name specifically. This is good news for Tristar Productions and Sony because the studio is in need of a few blockbusters to begin generating a better profit for the company.

About Fantastic Four’s Upcoming Reboot…

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The reboot for Fantastic Four is under way. The synopsis has been released. As of right now, many people are a little nervous about this upcoming interpretation of the Marvel characters. Fans like Dr. Daniel Amen anxiously await news about this reboot. This seems to use Ultimate Fantastic Four as its basis for the upcoming series. The film is going to have younger versions of the Fantastic Four. The cast is going to be even younger than the actors that portrayed the characters in the films of the ’00s. Miles Teller, Reed Richards, Jamie Bell and Michael B. Jordan are playing the roles of the Fantastic Four. 

Michael B. Jordan is a very interesting choice for the character of Johnny Storm with Kate Mara playing his sister, Sue Storm. Of course, they would most likely played the foster family angle. Jamie Bell and Miles Teller play Thing and Mr. Fantastic respectively. 

There have already been two feature film franchises of The Fantastic Four. There has been an “unofficial” film that was filmed back in the 1990s but hasn’t seen wide release. A theatrical trailer for that film was released. About 10 years later, there was an official release for a newly produced Fantastic Four film. That film spawned a sequel which was to start off a Silver Surfer franchise. Years have passed and then it became time to reboot the series. This current film is in post production and is scheduled to be released on August 7, 2015.

Janice Dickinson Accuses Bill Cosby Of Assault

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Former supermodel Janice Dickinson is just one of a number of women who have come out in the last few weeks saying comedian Bill Cosby raped or sexually assaulted them. Dickinson says her rape occurred in 1982, when she was at a Lake Tahoe hotel.

Speaking to Entertainment Tonight, Dickinson said she had gone to Lake Tahoe at the behest of Bill Cosby who was performing there. He had told her he would help her with her career.

During the evening, however, Dickinson said she had drunk a glass of wine and taken a pill for ‘stomach pains’ given to her by Cosby. She passed out soon afterwards, but not before realizing Bill Cosby had raped her.

Allegations of Cosby’s sexual misconduct have been circulating in the entertainment industry for decades. In 2006, a woman called Andrea Constand filed a case against Cosby claiming she had been drugged and raped by him. At the time, 13 other women lined up as witnesses against him.

Constand’s case, however, did not go to court as Cosby agreed to settle. Some of the women complained at the time they would have preferred their day in court but, as Constand had settled her case, they had lost their opportunity.

Now it seems, some of these women may again have an opportunity to stand up in a courtroom and tell a judge what they say Bill Cosby did to them, if even one of the women currently accusing him decides to go to court.

As for Janice Dickinson and her accusations against the now 77-year-old comedian, she says she wrote about them in a 2002 autobiography, but was pressured by Bill Cosby’s legal representatives to remove that section before it was published.

Although several news organizations have already contacted Cosby management asking for a statement on Dickinson’s remarks, a Cosby representative has yet to respond. Thanks to friend of the site Igor Cornelsen for sharing this story on Twitter.

Leto to Give New Life to Joker in 2016’s ‘Suicide Squad’

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Big screen movies coming up in 2016 are beginning to be hotly anticipated, especially after Marvel released their latest batch of upcoming releases of superhero movies.

One of the hottest anticipated movies is the adaptation of “Suicide Squad” from DC Comics. The participation of Joker – Batman’s Clown Prince, and the person who will embrace this role is being talked about.

The last sight of Batman’s Joker was on The Dark Knight movie shown 2008. It was acted by Heath Ledger and made him win an Oscar Award, but shortly after completing the film he died.

Now the crazy-dangerous clown is back as part of the Suicide Squad – a group of supervillains hired by the US government to do dangerous missions in exchange for freedom from prison.

It was then the Jared Leto, an Oscar awardee for supporting actor on last year’s hit Dallas Buyer’s Club, is rumoured to be on the top of the list. DC comics and Warner Bros though has not confirmed any of this.

Other celebrities whispered to compose the squad are Margot Robbie, Will Smith and Ryan Gosling. According to Indiewire, David Ayer wrote the movie and Tom Rothman is producing.

Bill Murray Has Everything But a Girlfriend

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To the average onlooker Bill Murray’s life seems to be a magical mystery tour of parties, bon mots, and golf. A closer look, however, reveals the one thing that he hasn’t got in his treasure trove is someone to share it all with. Bill Murray hasn’t got a girlfriend.

My friend Igor Cornelsen told me about when Murray was on Howard Stern. Being the lulu that Stern is, he delved into Murray’s psyche, hoping to find an answer to his recent perpetual stag status. Murray had some interesting things to say on that subject. When asked if he is lonely, Murray replied that he didn’t think he was lonely, but that he thought “There’s a lot that I am not doing that I need to do,”. Pressed on this point, he elaborated. “Just something like working on yourself or self-development or something… becoming more connected to myself. I don’t have a problem connecting with people. My issue is connecting with myself.”

Murray went on to say that “We’re kinda really ugly if we look really hard. We’re not who we think we are. We’re not as wonderful as we think we are. It’s a little bit of a shock… it’s hard.”

He summed it up by saying that at 64 he still hasn’t found the love of his life. He concluded, “I can’t take care of another relationship if I can’t take care of the things I really need to take care of the most.”

Heavy words from a funny man.

Lena Dunham Says She is Not a Sexual Abuser

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Lena Dunham recently published a book with graphic details about things she had done as a child to her younger sister. Although the things she describes are explicit and considered by a court of law to be sexual abuse, the allegation made her go on a “twitter rage”. Obviously there was not enough parental supervision in the children’s lives.

On this site you can read what is considered abuse. Amazingly her sister just laughed about the whole thing. Perverse feelings and a need for control makes Lena Dunham a danger to children. Although her sister Grace Dunham may have laughed it all off with her posts on LinkedIn, she was still the victim of sexual abuse.

Top Scariest Movie Moments of Modern Times

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The measure of any great horror film is relatively simple did it have the audience jump out of their seats? While many fail there are a few that hit the jackpot on the scare factor. These select scary scenes that have viewers covering their eyes in fear, or hanging onto the arm of a loved one.

Did your scariest movie scenes make the list? Check out a few of the top scariest movie moments listed below. To see the full list of movies and scenes that made the list check out.

Insidious (2010)
A classic scary tale in this movie is the reason it’s on the top scariest list. Waking from having a nightmare Renai awakes to find a dark figure has been pacing outside her window. In the instance, the scene cuts to an up close frame of a dark figure now inside her bedroom.

REC (2007)
This movie hits a top spot with a demonically possessed girl hiding in the attic. The scary scene takes place in the attic as a reporter drops her camera while recording in the dark she gets dragged away.

Paranormal Activity (2007)

Out of those three, I remember Susan and I being most terrified by Insidious. When haven’t seen the second one yet, but the first one kept us for days!

Will Sandman Finally See the Big Screen?

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Sandman is easily one of the most highly respected, award winning titles to come out of the DC Comics stable, albeit under its Vertigo umbrella. Talk of a film alongside the impossibility of a feature has been on the table for decades.

With Warner Bros. officially announcing its slate of comic-based films through to 2020 while Marvel continues to expand its cinematic superhero universe, most recently with Guardians of the Galaxy, it’s not surprising that talk of a Sandman movie has begun anew.

Curiously, while talk is in the air, Sandman was not among Warner’s announcement of upcoming films. This despite the fact that involvement of actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt and financial backer Sultan Alhokair had already been announced.

But do not despair. Apparently the project was not listed among the films that will feature Justice Leaguers, Supermen and Wonder Women for a simple reason. According to creator and best-selling author Neil Gaiman, it’s because a Sandman movie is not a DC film. It’s a Vertigo film.

Of course, how audiences react to any Vertigo-influenced movie remains to be seen. Audiences may have embraced the reboots of the Superman and Batman films and thrown their money at Marvel movies, but a Vertigo film (like Zack Synder’s Watchmen film) won’t be the typical cape fare. Sandman or 100 Bullets may be too dark or involving for audiences that embraced The Winter Solider.