NFL & CTCA Work Together To Raise Cancer Awareness

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Cancer is one of the many diseases that seems to be running rampant throughout our society today. Many of the different forms of cancer has potentiality ratings of 1 out of 3 or 1 out of 5 are predicted to be diagnosed with this or that form of cancer. Prostate cancer is no different and can, in fact, be even sneakier. It is very common for men to be either too prideful or too embarrassed to undergo the process of prostate examination to check for cancer. Let’s face it; it is not a comfortable occasion on a range of levels.

The NFLA, National Football League Alumni Association, Cancer Treatment Centers of America and LabCorp have partnered up to help spread awareness as well as offering free prostate exams to over 2,000 males who meet eligibility requirements.

These screenings are being offered at a reduces rate to any men who sign up to have a Prostate Specific Antigen screening at any one of LabCorp’s 1,750 locations across the nation. The free exam window has elapsed as of this article’s writing date but the partnership of these amazing companies is still offering these prostate screenings for an amazingly low price of $25.

With this level of awareness spreading, there is simply no excuse to not have the exam performed. Many men will needlessly loose a battle to prostate cancer, a battle that may have been won if it had been discovered early enough.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America are cancer treatment facilities that originally were founded in 1988 after founder, Richard J. Stephenson’s mother passed away after losing a battle with cancer. Richard started the Cancer Treatment Centers of America because he felt that his mother simply did not get the best level of care possible and thought no one should have to go through what he did.

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