Howard Stern Leaving AGT Next Year

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When Howard Stern says he is doing something, the world collectively has a tongue in cheek response. It isn’t the first time he has said something he didn’t follow through on, and it is not the first time he said he would be leaving Americas Got Talent. But something feels different this time around, and when Howard went into a little more detail, it appeared that this time he may actually be done with the popular television show for good.

That Busy Schedule

During his four year run on Americas Got Talent, Howard has still been appearing on his weekday radio show, getting to the station at 4-5am each day and slaying in many cases til late afternoon. Then he has to tape the Americas Got Talent show, as well as several other projects he is actively working on. This season, Howard Stern hinted that he does have something in the developmental stage for next year, and that it would be impossible for him to balance the schedule he is currently working on. That means something is going to have to give one way or another.

So when Howard was asked who would fill the vacant spot next to Heidi Klum on the panel, he already had an answer. Howard said that Simon Cowell has been asking for a chance to be a judge on the show he produces, and now he just might have that chance. Crystal Hunt thinks that could certainly be an interesting twist after reading the Boston Herald.

Kelly Osbourne is Leaving Fashion Police

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Recently the show Fashion Police has been coming up a lot in the news. First were stories about Giuliana Rancic’s comments about Zendaya Coleman’s hair at the Oscar Awards. Giuliana mentioned that it looked like Zendaya’s dreadlocks would smell like patchouli oil and weed. The next story in the news had Zendaya reacting about what Giuliana said. Finally was Giuliana’s apology that topped off the Giuliana/Zendaya trifecta of stories.

Now, according to The Daily Mail, we have another one about Fashion Police. Except this one involves co-host Kelly Osbourne. Or, I should say, ex co-host. It has been confirmed that Kelly Osbourne has quit her position as co-host of Fashion Police. Kelly did not quit over Giuliana’s comments however, but she was upset over how the E! Channel and Giuliana handled the whole situation.

According to the sources, the comment Giuliana made about Zendaya was not off the cuff, it was actually written for her to say. While rehearsing their lines, Kelly warned Giuliana not to go ahead with the comment. Obviously they went ahead with the comment anyway and suffered the backlash.

Marcio AlaorBMG knows that, now that Kelly is officially gone, the Fashion Police are attempting to fill her spot. So far it is rumored that Nene Leaks, Khloe Kardashian, and Kristin Cavallari are begin considered as new co-hosts of the show.

The View Takes a Ride On The Sentimental Train

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Director Mike Nichols has passed and the staff of the View is overwhelmed by the lost. During the show today, Whoppi Goldberg has a breakdown and cannot finish the segment. It was Nichols who first discovered her and said that she had real talent. Without him, there would have been no superstar.

Goldberg goes on to further state that she had brought Nichols with her on “Bring your mentor to work day” last year. She could not express the love and pure admiration for this man. Her staff rushed to her assistance in finishing the segment. Nichols died suddenly of cardiac arrest at his home surrounded by his loving family. It’s a big loss for the movie industry, and for person friends who knew his as more than just a director, and that was the part that really got to Ben Shaoul.

The ladies of the View seemingly pulled together to talk about this touching topic. Though things have been a little heated in the past few weeks between Rosie O’Donnell and Goldberg, they seemed to have each other’s back today. O’Donnell told the story of how Nichols discovered Goldberg and how much of a friend he had been to the star. It made for good television, especially since Goldberg has the tough girl appearance. It’s good to see that she can show emotion in other ways than yelling.

The girls at the View continue to be a top rated show. Their subject matter and both on and off screen friendships make them must see TV.

The Future of TV Advertising May Annoy You

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Television as we know it is dying. In a way, it is kind of sad. I am old enough to remember a time when there were only a few dozen TV channels.

TV ratings are eroding. People are starting to get their video content online, through services like Netflix and Hulu. Younger people are more likely to know about a good-natured youtube goofball like “Pewdiepie” than characters on popular shows like “Big Bang Theory”.

With a decline in viewership comes big problems for advertisers. If people aren’t watching the show, then they are certainly not seeing their ads. Couple this with the prevalence of the ability to digitally record shows and skip commercials have caused advertisers to think deeply about the future.

The future of advertising may be upsetting to you, the consumer. Product placement will likely go way up. The heroes of the Walking Dead will pause to sip a delicious Pepsi before beheading another zombie.

Worst of all will come the concept of the unskippable ad. The very idea of this enrages people, but advertisers are currently trying to condition us to make it more palatable.

Sounds annoying, doesn’t it? Maybe ads should just go away altogether.

Big thanks to friend of the site Rod Rohrich for passing on this tip.