New Pearl Harbor Memorial Funded by US Money Reserve

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New Statue Commemorates 75 Years Since Pearl Harbor

In case you haven’t already heard about’s story, there is a new statue that is being built in order to commemorate the 75 years passing since Pearl Harbor. It is going to be placed in Hawaii because that is where Pearl Harbor happened on that fateful day. The statue is called The Lone Sailor. Many people may already be familiar with the image since it is one of the most iconic images to have come from American history in the last century.

The Lone Sailor has been around since the mid 1980s. It was created when the U.S. Navy Memorial Foundation decided that there needed to be a memorial to commemorate the lives lost in Pearl Harbor and the men and women who serve the U.S. Navy. The original statue was created by Stanly Bleifeld. The sculptor used a series of photos of William Thompson for inspiration. Rear Admiral William Thompson was a retired U.S. Navy Admiral when he helped to lead the U.S. Navy Memorial Foundation in their search for the perfect place for the memorial.

The new memorial is being funded privately, much like the original. The private funding party is known as the U.S. Money Reserve. They have combined their efforts to commemorate the 75 years since Pearl Harbor with the U.S. Navy Memorial Foundation. These two parties will help American youth remember the events of Pearl Harbor, and it is their hope that it will help inspire future generations to boldly serve their country by joining the Navy to guard the seas. The amount of honor and respect that this statue will bring to generations of Americans through years of future acknowledgement of service men and women is insurmountable. The original article was published on Yahoo.