Avaaz Gives Voice To People Everywhere

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Avaaz, meaning “voice”, was created in 2007 in order to unite idealists all over the world and with their combined efforts, find solutions to issues such as animal and human rights, climate change, corruption, conflict, and poverty. The organization is online based in order to be accessible to a large number of people from all over. Cofounded by Res Publica, Avaaz was launched as an American non-profit group that works to connect a large number of professionals that are interested in bettering the world in any way through democracy and progressive ideas.

The organization’s president and executive director, Ricken Patel, has a Mastering Public Policy from Harvard and has worked all over the world in response to the International Crisis Group. He is using his experience with travel and dealings with corrupt political systems to create a universal online hub for activism. Currently, over thirty countries are represented by the Avaaz global campaign team. They organize rallies, sit-ins, and media stunts in order to gain more publicity for their projects. Thanks to thousands of volunteers, Avaaz is able to put together protests and government lobbying.

Since its launch, Avaaz has managed to united people from all over and empower them to be able to take action in some of the pressing issues we face today, such as climate change and the growing concerns for families ravaged by poverty. This organization seeks to give a voice to each individual. Avaaz’s main ideology is that together, all those people combined into one large force, they can accomplish anything. Every day they work to build a bridge between the currently reality of the world, and their picture of what the world could potentially be. They seek equal treatment, fairness, and hope to give a voice to everyone who may feel beaten down or insignificant.

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Cassio Audi’s Earlier Career in Music

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Cassio Audi was making headlines before he even became a successful investment manager. He was a member of the famous band: Viper. He was among the first founders alongside Pit Passarrel who was the bassist, Andre Matos the vocalist, Filipe Machado and Yves Passarrel who were the guitarists and Cassio Audi played the drums.
The Viper was founded in 1985, and its first album was The Killera Sword. It was later followed by the Soldiers of Sunrise in 1987 which was a huge success in Brazil. Due to the success of this album, Viper was nicknamed the Brazilian Iron Maiden.
Due to the success of the album, all members of the band received recognition and praise from music magazines such as Kerrang, Metal Hammer, and Metal Forces. Viper was also invited to open the Motörhead show held in Brazil.
Cassio Audi had an opportunity of touring the world with the band. They played in famous cities across the world. His experience as a drummer was shown through their first three albums which received a positive response and ended up registering a huge success.
His spell with the band only lasted four years, and in 1989, Cassio Audi left to join the business school at the Pontifícia Universidade Católica de São Paulo, where he kick-started his career in the financial markets.
Cassio Audi still has a passion for music. Though he cannot play professionally anymore due to the demanding nature of his career, he still finds time to play with friends and former band mates.

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Former Viper Drummer Cassio Audi Continues To Find Success

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The band Viper remain one of the most successful recording and touring bands in the world after the heavy metal group was reformed on two separate occasions by its founding members. One former member of Viper who has so far restrained himself from appearing in any reformed lineups is Cassio Audi, the former drummer of Viper who is now one of the leading financial experts in Brazil; Audi is now better known to the Brazilian public for his attempts to make investing an activity open to everybody than he is for his earlier incarnation as a heavy metal drummer.

Viper were formed in 1985 by the Passarell brothers who hoped to develop a heavy metal band based on the sound that had been developed by their heroes in the British heavy metal community; among the bands Viper have acknowledged as a major influence are the iconic Iron Maiden. Cassio Audi would become integral to the sound being created by Viper in terms of the major part drums have always played in the creation of a successful heavy metal band throughout the history of the genre.

After appearing on two demo recordings that secured the group of teenagers a recording contract under the name of Viper, Cassio Audi found himself praised with the rest of the band for the high level of musicianship and skill he brought to his role with the band. The first studio album of Viper, “Soldiers of Sunrise” is the only professional recording to feature Cassio Audi, but the album has been praised by critics as a successful first attempt that shows off the skills of Cassio Audi and his fellow Viper members who shocked many critics and fans alike with the quality of the recording despite the members being teenagers at the time of recording.

The Multi-Talented Cassio Audi

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In the early years, Cassio was involved in different music bands. Cassio was talented in music and was in a top music group. He was involved with various groups including Drums, Soldiers of Sunrise, and Killer Sword among others.


Cassion was great in music, but his love for finance and business led him to build a career in the business and investment world. Finance world has been presented as a complex field, but because of his knowledge and expertise, Cassio has been able to create an exceptional career.


His 23 years in the business has given him skills in leadership, strategy development, and management. Cassio graduated from the Pontifical Catholic University where he graduated with a Bachelor degree in Business Administration. Between 1999 and 2000, Cassio attended the University of Sao Paulo for his Masters in Business of Administration in Finance. While pursuing his undergraduate studies, Cassio worked for the JP Morgan. In this position, he was involved in asset management. Cassio left JP Morgan in 1996 to join the Dow Chemical as Senior Financial Analyst.


For eight years, Cassio was the Financial Director of Gillette, a manufacturer of the leading brands. He was responsible for developing strategies and performing tax and auditing. Before resigning from Gillette, Cassio became the Chief Financial Officer at Brookfield Brasil Real Estate Company. Cassio was responsible for 16 acquisitions at the Company.


His expertise in the financial world helped Cassio to build a robust reputation. Cassio has in the past advised people and provided guidance in investing especially in stock markets. His peers have described Cassio as a hard working, action-oriented, and meticulous planner.


Cassio possesses strong interpersonal and communication skills. Cassio leadership skills have enabled him to manage the staff at the different Companies he was served in.

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Goettl Air Conditioning Is Growing By Leaps and Bounds

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Goettl Air Conditioning has been in business in the desert Southwest for over 77 years, having been established in 1939. They were the first company to introduce evaporative cooling and refrigerated air conditioning to towns and cities in the desert and are well-known for their excellent service, sales, and installation of all brands of heating and air products.

They are also known for their Goettl Maintenance Program where for only $12 per month, the customer gets discounts on parts, service, and installation, they also receive strong warranties as well. Once a year members receive a tune-up for their heating and air equipment to make sure that they are in good working order.

Ken Goodrich, the owner of Goettl, has embarked recently on an expansion program to provide better service and market reach to the expanding desert cities of Las Vegas, Phoenix, and Tucson. Recently merging with Las Vegas Air and Paradise are have expanded the servicing capabilities a great deal.

Goodrich plans to hire an additional 100 employees in 2017 to be trained primarily as service techs. He plans to send them to the College of Southern Nevada for training. The expansion of the residential areas in Las Vegas, Phoenix, and Tucson shows that there is a great need for more servicing capabilities.

By merging with various other air conditioning and heating companies in these desert communities, Goodrich is solving the need for more HVAC business in these areas. Goettl has been in the HVAC business, but not as in as much depth as the market requires. Las Vegas Air and Paradise were more involved in HVAC, so the recent mergers were very appropriate.

Goettl Air Conditioning was recently noted by The Arizona Foothills Magazine as being the best HVAC company for 2017. The company also recently donated free air conditioners to schools that were recently robbed and vandalized.

Sawyer Howitt Continues to Develop at Raquetball

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Sawyer Howitt is an aspiring amateur raquetball player based out of Oregon. While he has not yet made too much progress on the professional circuit, he has had a few matches early in his career that are starting to get him some attention from others that are in the field.

During the 2015 State Championships, Sawyer Howitt showed that he has the ability to compete with any other player in his grouping. During the final tournament, he lost a very tough match to a player from Portland before going deep into a match against a player from Salem.

While Sawyer Howitt has been a very strong raquetball player, it remains to be seen whether that is where he will focus his time and future aspirations. Howitt currently is also employed at a prestigious company, the Meriweather Group. In his role at the firm he is gaining valuable experience in all areas of the business.

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The Life of Attorney Dan Newlin

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Dan Newlin is a Florida-based attorney. He owns his own firm and together with his team of competent attorneys, he helps get the deserved justice for his clients. Dan’s areas of expertise covers issues dealing with medical malpractice, truck accidents, personal injury, wrongful death, auto accidents, construction accidents and motor cycle accidents. With the progression of time, he is adding different cases into his portfolio. Recently, Dan started dealing with instances where people have been accused and jailed wrongfully.

Dan prefers taking a one on one approach in all his cases. He does not delegate any client who comes to him to the other attorneys within his team. In every case that he pursues, Dan makes sure that he conducts in-depth evaluation and research with the view to providing clients with the most prudent legal advice. Dan believes in making sure that he provides adequate preparation to his clients psychologically on what to expect during their stay at the court.
In order to reach out to more victims of injustices particularly those requiring legal representation, Dan teamed with a number of telecommunication companies in order to create a short and easy number. He teamed up with Sprint, T-Mobile, AT&T and Verizon to create #Dan. The number is accessible to residents of South Florida, the Greater Chicago area and Central Florida. Once a client has contacted the firm, she will get an appointment with any available attorney and go to the office for a free consultation.

Dan was not always an attorney. He started his career at the age of 20 as an officer at the New Chicago, Indiana Police Department and Fire Department. He moved to Orlando, Florida where he worked at the Orange County Sheriff’s office. He worked for ten years before becoming a Sheriff’s Detective.

His career in law enforcement saw him serve in different police departments. He worked in the auto theft unit, fugitive division and narcotics agency. During his stint as a fugitive detective, Dan put himself at risk and successfully stopped hundreds of wanted fugitives from continuing with their vices to the society. The United States Marshall office recognized his good service and presented him with different accolades. He also received a number of numerous awards and accolades from different quotas for his consummate performance.

Dan chose to change his career so that he could reach out and help more people access justice. He joined the Florida State College of Law and graduated in 2000. Dan is licensed to practice law in Illinois and Chicago. He started his law career in a tiny cubicle office having only one secretary. At present, Dan has a large office that houses 18 experienced attorneys. He has helped personal injury and accident victims recover over $ 150 Million Dollars.

Baritone Brian Mulligan Returns to the San Francisco Opera

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The 2015 – 2016 San Francisco Opera season includes the return of Brian Mulligan. Mr. Mulligan lives in San Francisco and has performed for the San Francisco Opera previously.

Early Life and Training

Brian Mulligan was born in New York to Irish emigrant parents. His interest in theater led him to perform in musicals while in high school. His introduction to opera came from his first music teacher in New York, Todd Geer. After high school, Brain attended the Eastman School of Music in Rochester, New York and went on to study at the Yale School of Music and the Juilliard School.

Previous Performances

Brian performed in Die Frau ohne Schatten at the Metropolitan Opera in 2003 while he was still studying at Juilliard. Other roles include Marcello in La Bohème at both the San Francisco Opera and the Houston Grand Opera, Enrico in Lucia di Lammermoor at the Canadian Opera Company and Lyric Opera of Chicago,
Prospero in Adès’ The Tempes at Oper Frankfurt and Prince Yeletsky in Pique Dame at Opernhaus Zürich.

Other San Francisco Opera performances include Valentin in Faust, Sharpless in Madama Butterfly, The King’s Herald in Lohengrin and Nixon in Nixon in China. In 2014, he had the role of Count Anckarström in Un Ballo in Maschera and in the summer of 2015, he played Chorèbe in Les Troyens.

Upcoming Season

Brian will be playing several roles in the upcoming season of the San Francisco Opera. Sweeney Todd by Sondheim will be produced for the first time and Brian will play the title role. He will sing the role of Enrico in Lucia di Lammermoor by Donizetti, opening in October. December will see him as Roderick Usher in two versions of the Edgar Allan Poe story The Fall of the House of Usher. These are La Chute de la Maison Usher by Debussy and Usher House by Gordon Getty.

Vijay’s Creative and Innovative Mind

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Whenever Vijay Eswaran’s name is mentioned, people identify it with the chain of business that he owns. He is an entrepreneur whose popularity has rocked the world drawing admiration from all over the world. Vijay is Philippines national but he has established his businesses in china where most of his investments are. His skills and creativity has elevated him to grow into the current business mogul. Since 1998 when he founded his own company QNET, he has been going round the world talking to young entrepreneurs giving them hope and inspiring them to follow their dreams. Being a perfect example of his own words, people love listening to him and his messages of hope.

Then great entrepreneur of our time was born in October 7th, 1960 to a government official in the Malaysian ministry of labor. Due to his father’s demanding job, the family used to move every now and then to reallocate to every part of the country where his father was assigned to work from. This was a hectic kind of life for the young Eswaran but he had actually adopted to the trend and other than complaining, he enjoyed the movements. Little did Eswaran realize that he was actually collecting data that would shape his future engagements in life? As a kid he was a very bright student and even he moved a lot from one school to another, this did not affect his education whatsoever. Entrepreneur.com has an article about Vijay Eswaran as well.

The exposure that he received as a result of the movements made him realize how the world was unequal and how different people did not have access to basic supplies just because of the distance between them and the towns. With this knowledge, Eswaran decided that he was going to help such people to access these products through any available. Luckily for him, as he became of age, the internet was at its peak and he utilized it to the maximum. This is how QNET was born and inspired and today it is one of the greatest online conglomerate. Here’s a WeForum profile of the businessman.

Eswaran is not just a brilliant entrepreneur but also a highly educated man whose academic achievements are admirable. He went to the London school of economics where he graduate with a bachelor’s degree in 1984. After graduating, lived in the UK for some time where he learned about the chain marketing process and later he joined CIMA to pursue a professional course in the same. After some years he moved to the United States and got himself an employment in a company that was using the multilevel marketing strategy that he had learned. Later he decided it was time to go back home to help his own people and create a business of his own.

Experienced Legal Counsel Makes the Difference

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Securing credible and experienced legal counsel is a must in proceeding with any court or civil action. In many cases, people that go to court utilize counsel that is less than ideal to handle his or her particular situation. Without proper, experienced legal counsel to handle the complex nuances of civil court procedure, as well as the various aspects of applicable law, details vital to the success of a case may be overlooked, to the detriment of the plaintiff.

There are certain criteria that need to be sought out when seeking representation in important legal matters. In many cases, individuals go to the phonebook, select the largest name with the biggest ad, and use that particular lawyer after a brief consultation. The problem with this approach is, in many cases, the council that is chosen might not necessarily be the best counsel to handle the plaintiff’s case. He or she may have limited experience and or resources to deal with the case at hand.

It is best to ask a particular lawyer upon initial consultation if they have had experience in matters of the case you have. They should be able to cite cases that are similar to yours, and the outcome of those matters. In many cases, you will not only get an idea of the litigant’s experience, but also how he handles himself. A helpful, experienced lawyer will not mind these questions, and actually be glad you inquired upon his experience and success level. Dan Newlin is a well known personal injury attorney in the state of Florida.

Dan Newlin is a Florida injury lawyer based in Orlando. He and his team have been defending and protecting the rights of injury and accident victims for years, and have recovered more than $150 million on behalf of their clients.

Newlin and his team have received many accolades over the years, including a ranking on the list of the best lawyers in America, a 2014 award for being one of the top 100 verdicts in the National Law Journal, a Client’s Choice Award from lawyer resource Avvo.com and other honors.

For over 15 years, Newlin has given the Orlando and Chicago areas exceptional service. If you are seeking advice regarding a personal injury, car accident or medical malpractice incident, you can contact Mr. Newlin at http://www.newlinlaw.com.