Honey Birdette An Enticing Boutique

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Honey Birdette has launched an e-commerce website. One of the goals for the brand Honey Birdette is to expand store space. Honey Birdette is very optimistic that as a brand it can go from 3 stores to about 40 stores. This optimistic outlook is envisioned to happen by 2018.

Honey Birdette brand was created in Brisbane. This brand was created by an entrepreneur named Eloise Monaghan. Honey Birdette was created by Eloise Monaghan in the year 2006. Honey Birdette was eventually put forth on a United States associated website. The platform of this brand provides an improved customer experience, quicker distribution, stress-free returns, no cost delivery possibilities, and product variety available for a United States purchaser.

With the continuous increase of sales Honey Birdette’s first location opened in the outer area of Australia. The Australia store location is in London’s Covent Garden. The 2 additional locations following are in Westfield White City and Leeds’ Victoria Gate. In Australia Honey Birdette is located in 55 stores.

Honey Birdette is Australia’s first voluptuousness specialty shop. The aim of Honey Birdette was to bring forth a level of pleasure in the bedroom. Honey Birdette has many gorgeous products. The lingerie found at Honey Birdette is very detailed. Honey Birdette has a wide range of quality made toys to provide you with immense pleasure and satisfaction.

Honey Birdette’s specialty shops are amorous, frisky, and sensual. Honey Birdette is always providing an enticing atmosphere with luxurious décor and amazing bubbly. Honey Birdette has a Pleasure Parlour. The Pleasure Parlour provides the mind with pleasure and an immense feeling of amusement. Honey Birdette makes sure to provide anyone who walks through its doors with a memorable and enjoyable overall experience.

In conclusion, Honey Birdette is an amazing brand that maintains skyrocket sales.

Honey Birdette Set To Take On The European Lingerie Market With Launch Of New Stores

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Honey Birdette, one of the most popular lingerie brands from Australia, is all set to launch an e-commerce site particularly for customers coming from the United States and the United Kingdom. The brand has big plans for what it was to do in these markets, owing to the increasing number of international customers contributing to their overall sales. Their plan for expansion to new markets does not only stay in the virtual form, but also in the form of physical stores. Currently, Honey Birdette has three stores in the UK but wants to expand to a total of forty stores by the next year.

Currently, the brand has already finalized on ten out of their forty locations which they plan to open in the UK, which are some of the most well-known shopping destinations in the country. Some of the places where the brand plans to set store are in Westfield Stratford, Newcastle, Leeds and also in Liverpool. The brand is yet to find spaces for the rest of the stores that they plan to open. The brand’s first store in the UK opened up last year and was located in Covent Garden. Soon after, the brand decided to open two new stores, one in Victoria Gate and one in the Westfield White City. With the opening up of these many stores in such a short period, the brand plans to take over the European lingerie market in style. The brand is also looking to capitalize on their markets in Europe by expanding to other countries outside of the UK.

Back in Australia, the brand is one of the biggest and most well-known names in the lingerie market. The first store that the brand ever opened over ten years ago was located in Brisbane. Today, the brand has over fifty stores in Australia alone.

Avaaz: Bringing About Change Intentionally

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There are so many worthy causes worldwide that need attention brought to them in order to bring about change, ten years ago a company began with that very same mission. Avaaz was founded as an international effort to bring activists together to unite their voices. In fact, Avaaz means “voice” in Persian.

Avaaz operates as an online community where members can start petitions from anywhere in the world, from there that petition can be viewed anywhere. The petitions can be shared on social media to reach a broader audience and get more e-signatures, and attention, to their cause or plight. Once the goal number of signatures is collected the petition is then sent to government officials, businesses, cities, and even individuals. The petition gets to the right set of eyes that can help bring about the desired change. Obviously, the more support each cause receives, the better that’s why Avaaz is always working to expand their community so they can better help others both in the U.S. and internationally.

This civic organization does more than just creating online petitions, they also take physical action in some cases. Avaaz has delivered medical supplies to people in war torn countries and has created software to make voting easier in foreign countries. They like to use the skills of their activists and protestors to create online content, software, set up proxy servers, or whatever the current need is for the organization. Avaaz continues to grow its online presence in the hopes of helping create a better world through activism.

Highland Capital: Choosing Investment Advisory Service

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Are you new to entrepreneurship, investing advisory or portfolio management? Do you want to enlist the services of an investing or money management firm? Whether you are a newbie, or an experienced entrepreneur seeking professional assistance with investments or financial planning, it is crucial to select a reputable investment advisory team. A reputable firm will have all the resources and industry connection to render great service to clients

Highland Capital is a trusted firm that provides investment management, wealth building and advisory services to clients from all walks of life. The company has some of the best advisors and provides effective strategies and recommendations to clients. Highland Capital can help you begin your investing endeavor or grow your existing portfolio of investments.

Investing is a complex undertaking and requires thorough knowledge of the industry. Those who succeed in this industry have access to expert advice and guidance. Not everybody possess the required skills to manage their own investment. Many people turn to the experts for quality and reliable investment advisory service.

A reliable firm strives to have a sound relationship with clients and ensure that their investment yields significant returns. The professional service provided by Highland Capital can help you plan and invest wisely. As a reputable investment and financial services firm, Highland Capital has experts who are committed to ensuring your complete satisfaction.

Since 1987 the company has been providing outstanding financial services, including money management, investment advisory and related fields. Their clients come from a wide variety of industries and include organizations, entrepreneurs and establishments.

There are many investment advisory service providers out there, promising to help you reach your goals. Some companies are more reliable than other firms due to the quality or level service they provide. Highland Capital provides investment advisory, asset management, financial planning and other services.

Highland Capital aims to provide services that meet your objective or investment need. They are honesty and consistent in their dealings. They know how to provide satisfactory service to clients and they will ensure that you are delighted with their advisory service.

Avaaz Won Their Fight To Protect The Internet

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When government censorship and corporate control tried to place restrictions on the internet Avaaz was there. In 2012 Avaaz petitioners totaling nearly three million people fought to stop two bills going through the United States Congress that would give the government the ability to shut down any website. Only a few weeks later the ACTA treaty was about to receive approval from the European Parliament allowing web censorship by corporate interests. Avaaz responded with almost three million petitioners who made the phone calls, sent the message, and joined the rallies that stopped the treaty and gave the European Parliament no choice but to admit the ACTA was attacking democracy. Not only was the law discarded but Avaaz received the recognition they deserved.

One of the most advanced codes regarding the protection of the internet is known as the Marco Civil. To get it passed so it became law took a fight involving net neutrality groups, MP.s and hundreds of thousands of Avaaz members in Brazil. Once the law was passed the internet was once again protected. Avaaz wanted rules regarding the neutrality of the net in place. They teamed with their partners and went from India to the EU and to the United States and did not stop until these rules had been successfully adopted.

The next crisis regarding net neutrality occurred in Europe in 2016 when the telecom giants launched another assault. Avaaz was there yet again with a massive petition signed by an enormous number of individuals who wanted an internet for everyone. The public consultation was flooded with the comments of hundreds of thousands of concerned citizens. Avaaz engaged with the key regulators who admitted they were emotionally affected by the appeals made by the members of Avaaz. Their determination succeeded and once again Avaaz won. Due to the efforts of Avaaz a global standard is in place assuring the internet is protected.

Honey Birdette Takes on Europe and The US

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Honey Birdette, Australia’s first sensuality boutique, announced a huge rollout of stores in the United Kingdom, expecting to total 40 retail locations by the end of 2018. This announcement comes on the heels of their first three UK locations, all which were a smash success and left people in the UK asking for more locations. The first three locations were in London, Newcastle and Leeds.

Honey Birdgette is becoming a major player in the world of high end lingerie, accessories and toys. It is creeping up on some of the biggest names in the business due to its innovative approach. The store combines high end lingerie and toys with a lavish atmosphere of ornamental lighting, champagne for all guests and best of all: access to the experts, the Honeys. The team of Honeys at each locations put on what can be called something close to a show as they entertain guests, share their wide amount of knowledge and make suggestions to allow customers to venture outside of their comfort zone.

Honey Birdette was founded by Eloise Monaghan in 2006 after a cocktail conversation between friends revealed that many of them were looking but unable to find access to higher end lingerie in a classy environment in Australia. After the idea was sparked, Monaghan put her entrepreneurial mindset to work and lunached Honey Birdette. She still works as the Creative Director and hand selects every item shown in her stores.

The growth of the retail presence was announce along with a new digital focus for Honey Birdette: a website that caters to the e-commerce needs of customers in the United States. After seeing a 12 month increase in US sales that amounted to 370% in growth, the new website was created to meet the rising demand. This site will treat US customers to faster shipping, a more extensive product line and easier return.

Cancer Treatment Centres of America

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The Cancer Treatment Centers of America consist of five hospitals located in Atlanta, Chicago, Philadelphia, Tulsa and Phoenix. Its headquarters is located in Boca Raton, Florida. They not only offer treatment for cancer patients through chemotherapy, surgery, immunotherapy and radiation, but also provide care and therapies such as for the depressed, pain and lymphedema. Stephenson, whose mother had died from cancer, started the first cancer treatment center because it inspired him to helping other people suffering from this disease.
At these centers, they determine the type of cancer and the level at which it has reached before beginning the treatment process. They treat several cancers including breast cancer, prostate cancer, ovarian cancer, lung cancer and pancreatic cancer. In addition, these centers consists of well-trained certified doctors, who are caring and ready to treat patients using insurance or cash payment. Moreover, they have modern medical equipment, which helps with the diagnosis and treatment of the patients and are certified to indulge in medical research trials on willing patients.
According to the article, the cancer treatment center of America joined forces with NantHeath and Allscripts to launch an advance medical system. NantHealth is known for its technology, which analyzes the state of the cancer in real time and prescribes the right medication. On the other hand, Allscripts collects all the data on patients and connects different people and places that help the physicians in decision making so that they are able to relate some symptoms and come up with a fast option of treatment.
In conclusion, the coming together of these health centers to form Clinical Pathways ensures that patients receive maximum treatment quickly and therefore reducing chances of misdiagnosis and mistreatment. It also means that many oncologists can access the data quickly anywhere for research and study thus improving on advancing cancer treatment.

Tips On Working With NuoDB Cloud-Based Technologies

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This blog is on tips for making it work with NuoDB cloud-based Service providers. When you play host with a NuoDB cloud based service provider it becomes a two-way street. You have to make it work for you and your team. Seeing as how you are the customer, it has to work for your interests. Those NuoDB cloud database providers who do not keep this in mind, the enterprises will be less than successful.

Here are 3 ways to help you out.

1) Say that you want to spend $100,000 a year or more on the NuoDB cloud. Your provider has to be sure this is a realistic goal. The profit margins have to line up or it is not going to work, no matter what the number is.

“You have to have a goal, as well as a means to an end”.

2) Check out the history of the NuoDB provider you are looking into. The history should be a good one, otherwise, it is not worth taking a chance.

3) The level of support you get from your NuoDB service provider needs to be sufficient enough for you. Their support needs to work in your favor, not theirs. Anything less is a waste of time.

Cassio Audi’s Musical Path with the ‘Viper’

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Cassio Audi’s Musical Path with the ‘Viper’
Much if not a lot is known about Cassio Audi’s illustrious career as a financial analyst but not his early music career, as it has remained a bit in the dark. His early music career springs for the 80’s when he used to follow the British heavy metal music and could sing along to their tunes to the amusement of his fellow teenagers. It was until 1985 when joined a music band and became its active member. The group was referred to as the ‘Viper ‘rock band.

Specialty in Rock and Pop
With the band having specialized in rock and pop songs, they got accolades from new fans in the country that were enjoying this new genre of music. And with the help of Cassio, the band was able to compose a lot of songs that culminated in their first mega project in 1987 which was an album. The album named Killer Sword was an only a masterpiece as it represented the growth that the band had experienced over the two years that it was formed. The progress after this was simply amazing as Cassio managed to find a blend of metal and classical music, which later turned out to be the neoclassical style of songs.
Soldiers of Sunrise Album
The follow-up of this new style gave rise to the second album called the Soldiers of Sunrise. It is through this album that Cassio and his band members got major shows outside Brazil. They staged performances as far as Europe and they managed to compete favorably with other rock bands from established countries such as the USA and Britain. Cassio’s musical journey just came to an end in 1989 when he finally quit the band to pursue his studies in financial management. But even as he left, he had left a mark in the music industry as a prolific and a talented young man.

The Success History of Omar Yunes’ Japanese Food

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Omar Yunes is an entrepreneur that has recently shown the world that you can become one of the biggest franchisees in the world just by sticking to your business model and doing an excellent work as a professional of another man’s team. Omar Yunes did it, and he was ranked as the most successful franchisee in the world, according to a distinguished award from BFW.


Omar Yunes does not have a business history very distinct from other franchisees, he found a niche that he thought would need refinement and was not being delivered in his country, Mexico, and decided to become part of the Sushi Itto franchise, a Japanese restaurant company that provides quality food to the community.


As Japanese food was not nearly as close to the demand in the vicinities of Mexico, where Omar Yunes used to work, Sushi Itto became a huge success in the first few years of its history in Yunes’ leadership and quickly became a triumphing franchise much sooner than the entrepreneur or his partners expected.


Sushi Itto, nowadays, already has thirteen different locations that have high demand and great customer base, and it grew stronger and stronger as years progressed.


The prize was awarded to Omar Yunes at the beginning of 2016, among with other great names in the franchise business, like Armando Costa Astorga and Marín Sánchez. In the city of Mexico, the winner was Sushi Itto and its substantial growth presented during few years in action. Right now, the brand is already planning its 14th installment and is looking into improving the reach of the Japanese food to the rest of Mexico even more than it already has done for the community.


Right now, Sushi Itto has become a reliable company that has achieved more than most restaurants are able to: A chain of locations that have a consistent client base and fans who love the food provided. It was already awarded positive feedback from many critics and food specialists who consider Sushi Itto’s Japanese restaurants a positive link to the original culture of the oriental island.


Right Now, Omar Yunes is improving his own restaurant and making sure that the quality of Sushi Itto never drops. It was the dedication of him, and the whole team, that allowed the prize to go to the installment.