Securus Technologies seeks to drum up support for video visitations

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Securus Technologies has undertaken a campaign to raise public awareness of its innovative video visitation technology. This vertical has proven tremendously popular among inmates and their families, with growth nearly doubling each of the last five years. Today Securus’ video visitation installations are present in 168 institutions servicing over 1.2 million inmates. They are also recognized for their vital role in reducing intramural disciplinary problems and in promoting inmate compliance.




Inmates love it, officers rely on it


Corrections officers know that the biggest risks institutions face to their orderly operation besides organized gangs are inmates who believe they have nothing to lose. And bar none, the most dangerous time throughout a correction officer’s shift is when he is charged with moving an inmate throughout the facility. Video visitations help to weed out both these problems before they have a chance to grow into a crisis.


Video visitation can be set up so that an inmate can meet with their loved ones within a secure common area or even inside the inmate’s own cell. This minimizes the time that inmates must be moved throughout the facility. Moving inmates throughout a prison can be especially dangerous when the routine is broken, as when they must be moved to a visitation room on the other side of the prison or an area where they normally do not go.


Inmates meeting with visitors may be coerced into carrying contraband. Gang members being led through a portion of the prison claimed by another gang, even if led by guards, can spark violent conflict in seconds. High risk inmates will often use opportunities when they are lightly restrained outside of their cells to attack guards, sometimes fatally.


All these problems are avoided by video visitation either in-cell, or within a secure area to which the inmate has immediate access.



How Did I Discover Securus In The First Place?

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Securus is one of those hidden gems that PR Newswire experts think a lot of people have not heard of because they did not know that they could make video calls to a jail. They thought they would have to make regular calls, and they thought that there was no video technology to use. That means that a lot of people are going to be able to see friends and family, and it means that they can do it all from a smartphone. There is no need for a computer setup, and there is no need to get into confusing or boring technology terms. I am not one for technology, but I am someone who can easily learn how to use the things that I am offered. I know that I can work the app, and I share with as many people as I can.

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I have actually sent the app to family members of the people I know who are in jail, and now they are getting a lot of video calls every week. It is pretty nice to make a difference in their lives, and I like the fact that I can do something that is so positive and so refreshing. We get to see the people we care about, and it is uncomplicated.

I have been using Securus for some time, and I am going to keep using it until all the people I know are out of jail. I need to hang in there to support all of them to the very end of their term, and that is why these video calls are so important. I appreciate how Securus has put this together, and I also appreciate that I could easily add more people to the calling list if I had to. Securus has really made my life easier.

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