Bob Reina, Talk Fusion, Has the Latest on Video Communications

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Talk Fusion is the Video Marketing Solution of the industry, and this phenomenal company is dedicated to helping businesses excel and surpass other companies in the field. The competition is not a problem for Talk Fusion because they continue to increase in designing new products while watching sales increase. Today, Talk Fusion is a leader in video communications.


Bob Reina is founder and CEO, and he created the company because, in 2004, he wanted to send a 10-second video to his mother, but there were no venues that allowed him to do it. He and a tech-savvy friend created a spectacular video email, and in 2007, Talk Fusion was born with its first product. Immediately, it became popular in 140 countries around the globe.


In February 2017, Reina wrote his second article in a year to Mar-Tech Advisor, which is read by over a million professional CMOs around the globe. His topic was “Video Advertising Trends of 2017,” and Reina looks at the fastest-growing video styles and techniques that emerged in 2016.


Talk Fusion and his incredible tech team are physically located in Tampa, and they stay on the cutting edge of technology with dynamic ways to enhance the video market. Reina wants every video owner to have a crystal-clear and memorable video experience with Talk Fusion.


The award-winning All-in-One Solution Package consists of Video Email, Video Chat, Video newsletters, Live Meetings, Sign-ups and an evaluation program for your business sales. This communications package is perfect for small and medium online businesses. Reina has won awards in several areas including the amazing Video Chat.


Bob Reina is more concerned about how he can Give Back to his friends, family, customers and others in need. He gives the All-in-One package to his employees to give to their favorite charity at no cost, he gave a $1 million check to the Tampa Humane Society and he regularly supports children’s orphanage across the world.


Last year, he “Gave Back” to every person in the world who could access the internet when he offered a 30-day Free Trial and required only a working email address; no credit card information was required.