5 Things You Might Not Know About the Antique Wine Company

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The Antique Wine Company specializes in extraordinary wines and stores over 10,000 bottles in their cellars. Founder Stephen Williams currently has his private wine company based in London with offices in Hong Kong as well. The following information explores several aspects of this incredible wine company you might not have known.

1. China and Hong Kong are Their Biggest Customers
Until recently, buyers from the United States were the primary customers for the Antique Wine Company. Now the Asian market has surpassed the Americans. In 2008 the Hong Kong government abolished the wine tax, opening the doors for increased business. Even though the United States and Hong Kong are major customers, the company has over 20,000 clients in approximately 70 countries.

2. The Company is Part of the Grand Chateau Series
The Antique Wine Company has become part of a venture to make elegant wine cabinets for their customers. Each Chateau Edition has just 5 cabinets, making sure they will ultimately become valuable investments. These exquisite cabinets are painstakingly crafted and are constructed using the finest materials.

3. High Technology is Used to Determine the Age of a Wine
Companies such as the Antique Wine Company employ sophisticated methods to determine the age of their wines. A few of these techniques include using particle accelerators as well as ion beams to discover the age of the glass the wine is stored in.

4. Stephen Williams Previously Worked in Banking & Insurance
The founder of the Antique Wine Company, Stephen Williams, worked in banking and sold life insurance before embarking on his passion for wine. He had begun working on weekends at the age of 14. This strong work ethic likely enabled him to eventually build the successful wine company he has today.

5. The Company Holds the World Wine Record
The Antique Wine Company sold the most valuable bottle of wine on record in July 2011. This particular wine was a bottle of Chateau d’ Yquem from 1811. The buyer of this wine, Christian Vanneque, says that he eventually will drink his purchase.