Adam Milstein Says Antisemitism Is A More Serious Issue Than Ever Now

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It’s now time to expose how deep antisemitism runs in certain college activist groups and tackle ways to defeat the lies and propaganda they put out. That is what Israeli-American journalist, businessman and philanthropist Adam Milstein says it is time to do in his Jewish News Syndicate article. He notes that a lot of organizations on campuses have voted to block Jewish students from serving in leadership roles when antisemitic Muslim groups and progressive leftists have held power, and various campus boycotts against Jewish groups have been held. Milstein calls on parents and community leaders to prepare their young people to face and be ready to fight these groups, and he said that he and liberal donor Haim Saban are working on building a counter task force to fight college antisemitism.

Adam Milstein got involved in supporting Jewish-American campus activism a little over 10 years ago when he founded the Israeli-American Council in partnership with his foundation. But he originally came from Haifa, Israel where he grew up in a working family and also served several years in the Israeli Defense Forces. He studied economics and business at the Technion Israeli Institute of Technology and earned his bachelor’s degree, and then he took his wife and daughters to the US where he’s lived ever since in Los Angeles. He then finished his master’s degree and became a commercial real estate broker for a public firm for several years, but then he and his friend David Hager formed their own real estate firm known as Hager Pacific Properties.

Adam Milstein decided to go into philanthropy in part because it’s given his daily schedule structure, but also because he felt there was quite a large group of disaffected Israelis living in the US who didn’t feel at home. The groups he helped form under the IAC’s auspices have helped to give these people a voice and bring their accomplishments to light back in the Israeli homeland. The Adam Milstein Family Foundation has helped found organizations that educate families and promote knowledge of older customs and traditions, and they even have books they publish that teach Hebrew.

Michel Terpins, the Outstanding Brazilian Rally Driver

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In the just concluded T1 prototype championship rally, driver Michel Terpins and his co-driver Mykel Justo of the Bull Sertões Rally Team emerged as the champions with an impressive 61 points. The duo was followed in second place by Luiz Facco with 43 points, a landslide margin. The team was able to gain the pole position after dominating two of the three stages of the race. The competition covers 3300km with all stages taking seven days to complete.

Despite these incredible feet, the duo had some challenges particularly in the second stage when their car suffered some mechanical failure. The gearbox being broken and the rear suspension completely damaged, they were forced to step off the pedal for a while to prevent completely damaging their vehicle. However, they managed a fourth position which an achievement was considering the difficulties.

They took advantage from the third stages onwards. They wouldn’t have achieved it had they not followed their strategy. As easy as it may look, the stage was the hardest as it demanded too much from their engine as well as their physical work. They managed to pull it off thanks the condition of the car and the understanding between the drivers. Despite all the carbon dioxide emitted, the competition will give back to the environment by planting trees in the Atlantic forest.

Terpins, 40 years old debuted in 2002 in the motorcycle category. He later moved to the T-Rex category where he was the co-driver to his brother Rodrigo Terpins. For four years on board, the T-Rex developed by the MEM sport as well as the Brazil cross country championship and Sertões Rally. Along with his brother, they formed the team Bull Sertões Rally Team which was fuelled by their undying desire to speed and off the road.

Before joining Terpins, Mykel Justo his co-driver was a co-driver in the trucks category for seven seasons. Justo and Terpins have been driving together for the past two years; it is within those years that they were able to forge a strong bond between them. They attribute their success to the two years they have been driving together. Although Justo won a pro-Brazil championship back in 2014, he considers this win as the most treasured win because it was a gift to his father who had accompanied him all through.