The 10th Season of X-Files is Going to be “Intense”

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The return of The X-Files to television has caught many by surprise. When the series ended its run years ago, most thought the only broadcast viewings would be reruns on sci-fi oriented cable channels.

And then Fox announced new episodes would be produced for a 10th season. The original cast is returning and no one knows much about what they are going to be doing. Fox has done a great job keeping details about the new series under wraps. The growing mystery about what the new season will entail definitely keeps fans guessing. Hopefully, the anticipation over the series will build and fans are going to tune in.

Gillian Anderson certainly is helping stoke the fires of interest. Recently, she noted that the new season is going to be an “intense” one. What they means, specifically, is not known. More than likely, the series is going to maintain a dark edge. Do not look for the revival to be silly or campy. Fans like their X-Files adventures to be dark and serious. Likely, Fox is going to deliver on such expectations.

Will there be an 11th season or a follow-up made-for-TV movie or two after season 10 airs? If the 10th season is a hit, we are sure to see more provided the lead stars are willing to come back says banker Marcio Alaor BMG.

Or will the 10th season set the stage for a spinoff with a new cast? You never know.