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The making of a music empire: Clay Hutson.

Having had a passion for music from his childhood, Clay Hutson chose to venture into music and particularly the Rock n roll. He has since ventured into the music industry business where he has gained numerous business success. He attributes his success to the exposure experience and love for music.


Hutson pursued a Bachelor’s degree in fine arts and technical production in the central Michigan University. He then proceeded for a master in Business Administration at the University of Michigan.


Clay Hutson has had great and wide work experience before venturing into music as a business. He held the position of a production manager at Get-a-grip touring and a stage manager for Hip-hop star Kanye West. Later on, he was involved in other entertainment forms.


Owing to the various skills he learnt from the positions he held, Hutson decided to start his own company. The company offers services such as show production and production design. Besides that, his company also involves in managing logistics and stage management of some artists.


Clay Hutson claims his music business took little time to break even. He attributes his success to consistency, hard work and being able to attract clients easily.


Hutson is an early riser. His typical day starts at 6 am when he rises and then goes to his studio before anyone else. He then executes a plan for the day. Clay Hudson is always keen enough to ensure that everything is done perfectly before the show starts.


He believes that planning is the best thing that should happen. He ensures that by the time his crew gets to work he has a plan good enough to ensure he delegates duties to them.


Clay Hutson believes in the principle of inspecting what he expects. He is keen to cross check everything he does more than twice to ensure it is perfect enough not to disappoint.


Clay aligns himself with people who have a sense of hard work and dedication. He also ensures that work ethics are the main thing for a business to get quality out of every input.


Besides referrals, Hutson has a website. The website enables him to strengthen his image and promote his business while marketing it.


Technology is a key part of his business. He runs most of his business using his iPhone. He believes that this saves time and is much convenient.


Clay Hutson suggests Carlson’s book “Don’t sweat the small stuff” a book that helped him focus on the wider picture rather than unnecessary and less important things. Learn more: