David McDonald: A Banner at OSI Group

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David McDonald is an executive leader at OSI Group serving diligently for over thirty years now. He is among the longest-serving employees in the company. David is a passionate person in his endeavors and through hard work; he has pushed the success of the company to another level. He currently serves as the company’s president. David McDonald was born and raised in Iowa. He began his career life immediately after graduating from college where he earned a degree in Animal Science. He started working at OSI as its project manager and worked his way up the ladder to become the president of the company.

OSI Group is privileged to be served by such a committed leader who firmly believes in success. The company has made commendable steps in the food industry. It is known to be a leading global food provider that is dedicated to providing the high-quality products and highly sought out services to their customers. David McDonald understands the growth nature of the company, and so he commits himself to maintaining the logistics teams that ensure that the company keeps on evolving in the international market. Some of the recent achievement under the leadership of David McDonald at OSI Group include the purchase of the Baho Foods. This company in Dutch specialized in deli foods as well as processing other types of foods. This acquisition was a significant milestone for the company regarding gaining presence in the European market region. During his leadership, the company has progressively made significant achievements. The likes of establishing 10 Chinese facilities that handle the poultry services. They are known to serve many chain restaurants.

Apart from the facilities in China, David has guided the company through numerous beneficial pursuits. For example, in 2012, the company was able to launch projects that accounted for the expansion of the Poland Beef processing facility in India. The annual capacity produced increased tremendously. Other projects were initiated in Hungary and Geneva. Through an interview, David McDonald pointed out that he is excited and proud of the growth that the company has realized since he joined in 1991. He is more zealous to see greater success even after serving that long. He also recognizes the role of the customers in making the ideas at OSI a reality. David is particular enough to say that the team of staff, as well as the clients, achieve the innovations and the creations at OSI. He does not regret nor his thirst quenched for more achievements.

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