David McDonald And His Success As OSI Group President

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The success and global presence of OSI Group from its humble beginnings cannot pass without the mention of David McDonald. David McDonalds holds the position of President of OSI Group as well as the Chief Operating Officer.

David McDonalds holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Animal Science from Lowa State University. He started working at OSI Group after his graduation. Before getting promotions to higher posts in the company, he was an excellent project manager for the firm. Besides being the president of OSI Group, he previously held the position of chairman of the North American Meat Institute. Also, David McDonald is a member of the OSI Group board of directors.

In the efforts to build a world-class food solutions group through the leadership of David McDonald, OSI International Foods (Australia) merged with Turi Foods to form Turosi Pty Ltd. The merger is to boost their operations in Australia considerably. Both companies have a belief that shared ownership will stimulate expertise sharing due to their similar culture.

Turi Foods, with its base in Thomastown, Victoria (Australia) operates facilities covering the whole of Australia. The firm supplies to specialty chicken retailers, roast chicken outlets, supermarkets, butcher shops as well as quick service restaurants. It forms one of the largest Australian poultry processors.

On the other hand, OSI International Foods (Australia) constitutes a privately owned firm supplying quick service restaurants, retail outlets together with foodservice markets in the Asia Pacific region. The supplies cover food solutions across varied proteins. OSI Group LLC is the parent company of OSI International Foods (Australia).

According to David McDonald, the two firms have moved a milestone in building a strong business reputation regarding the customers each serves. With the new exciting entity, Turosi, David McDonalds sees openings to serve their customers in distinct, innovative ways. More opportunities will also arise to aid the respective teams of the companies to excel.

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