Desiree Perez Increases Membership for Tidal

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Tidal is so more different than a lot of the other companies that are out there. This has become one of the most exciting new music streaming services that people have tried all the other stuff and are still in search of something new.

Sometimes it takes a special force to come in and penetrate the industry. There is a buzz going on that people were not expecting to find with Tidal. Desiree Perez is the one that has led people to Tidal. She is fresh and her ideas are welcomed be Jay-Z.  Check on for related article.

The fans of Tidal are really getting involved with this high quality streaming company that makes it possible for users to hear audio in a way that they have never heard it before. It may be difficult for many people to process this, but music streaming is changing, and Desiree Perez is following every move that is being made in the industry. She is wise beyond her years when it comes to building Tidal up. She is certainly helping people realize that they can get the superior audio quality if they are willing to pay for it.  Click on to read more about Dez.That is just a part of what she is doing. The entire story of Tidal is yet to be told.   Interesting article on

On the flip side of the game there is also a lot of passion that is connected to getting exclusive content. This is possible because Desiree Perez and Jay-Z connect to so many different artists that are interested in higher royalties. For more reading, hop over to this.   When they can guarantee higher royalties they are going to be much more willing to provide this exclusive content. It is a winning situation that has a ripple effect. Profits are increased for Tidal and the buzz continues to grow about the exclusive content that increases the membership. Head over to for additional reading.

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