EOS Lip Balm Engages All Five Senses in Innovating the Lip Balm Industry

Seven years ago an upstart startup called EOS, which stands for Evolution of Smooth, stated to turn the lib balm industry upside down. Having such an impact was no small thing considering the size of the lip balm industry in the United States, and in many other countries the world over.

EOS introduced pastel-colored orbs of lip balm onto the marketplaces in 2010. These orbs of lip balm bear the name of the company, EOS. In short speed, EOS lip balm started to appear in retail outlets across the United States. Major retailers like Walgreens, Lucky Vitamin, Walmart, and Target began to stalk the product. In little time, EOS lip balm became highly popular with consumers. In addition, the beauty editors at magazines like Cosmo began raving about EOS lip balm, including its flavors that include honeydew and grapefruit.

Eventually, celebrities like Christina Aguilera and Kim Kardashian were seen using EOS lip balm. More and more members of the public-at-large started to follow suit.

In little time, EOS has grown into a $250 million company. It’s sales now come in second only to Burt’s Bees. EOS outpaces Chapstick and Blistex, the two lip balm companies that have been in business for the longest period of time.

EOS lip balm sells approximately 1 million units each week. Industry analyst predict the company will see $2 billion in sales in three years, by 2020.

EOS made the decision to completely revamp how lip balm is sold and delivered. The company states that it is committed to engaging all five senses with it lip balm. This includes everything from its innovative soft, round packaging, to the colors of each unit or orb, to the flavors, and the clicking sound the packaging makes when it opens and closes. The company uses the marketing tagline of “The lip balm that makes you smile.” Visit evolutionofsmooth.com for more info.

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