Equities First Holding Prospective Wikipedia Info

A good many businesses in the marketplace today make a lot of promises that they just can’t meet. One of the few that really match every one of its astronomical claims is Equities First Holdings. The Indianapolis-based financial solutions firm first opened its doors for business in 2002 at the hands of the founder, Al Christy. The business was almost instantly successful. In its first year of business alone EFH completed 700 transactions. It remains a relatively small and modest business, but this in no way should reflect its quality.

It is today so respected a firm that it is hired by large companies to assist with financial matters. But they are fully willing to work with any size of company, even individuals. They have all the tools necessary and the experience and expertise to back it up. The experts on the EFH team will proficiently guide and show you how to make a profit from your investments.

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