From Equities to Equestrian: Amy Nauiokas

The world of finance is not for the faint of heart. It takes a keen focus and determination to have the will to succeed in the world of business. There are many who navigate it but few are very good at it. Being able to track things on a global level day to day is no easy task. So, what do you do when you excel at it, you give it up for your dream. This is exactly what Amy Nauiokas has done.

At one time Amy was Senior Managing Director for Cantor Fitzgerald. A woman of many talents she was also running Global Marketing, Developing and even Human Resources. She found her way to London and worked at Barclay’s for a period of time where she found something she enjoyed even more. During this time in England she begins riding horses again; something she had fell in love with as a child. Her love for horse came from a neighbor’s horse that would come by her family’s property while they lived in Connecticut. Even though it took some time to come back to her love she made it back to horse when she bought the Washington Equestrian Center. This 75 acre facility is a sale, training and boarding business. While Amy has done many things from model to writing plays and movies, her passion is with horses.

Amy Nauiokas has the full support of her husband Harry Harrison in her endeavors. Harrison is the Co Head of Barclay’s Non Core Division in London, UK. He has a long history in the world of finances as well. Harrison is on the board of directors for The Bubble Foundation as well as The Global Financial Markets Association. Harrison has been at Barclay’s since the late 80’s and continues to excel. With degrees from Cambridge and Warwick his focus and track record in the business world speaks volumes. It also brought him his wife.

With great people around Amy Nauiokas including trainers like Nikki Therrain and Frank Madden she is set to continue to do great things. For more information, view