Glen Wakeman Loves Matching Ideas With Money And Does So Through His Companies

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Glen Wakeman is a mentor, entrepreneur, and businessman who has been working tp help develop M&As as well as startup companies for many years. He is the Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of LaunchPad Holdings LLC., and he is also the President and Founder of Nova Four, which are both companies that work with developing and early stage companies in different capacities. LaunchPad Holdings was launched in 2015, and Wakeman has commented that it was his love of matching money with ideas that got him started with the company. He feels that too many startups fail even when they have excellent ideas that should bring them success, and after looking into why, he found out that it had to do with a lack of organization ( This motivated him to a software platform that guides people through the process of turning an idea into a solid business plan.

Glen Wakeman is widely known for his 5 step performance methodology that focuses on business execution, the power of strong leadership, human capital, and managing risk. He has been able to express his methodology through his strong writing skills, software, and his own actions. He, himself, has more than 20 years of experience in management and has used his skills to teach others, time and time again. Wakeman has also been a part of raising capital for businesses he believes in, and in this capacity he is an angel investor and works with international financing platforms. He has lived in many different countries while working to run his businesses and understands doing business on a global scale along with all of its many aspects.

One of Glen Wakeman’s greatest assets is the process he uses to bring new ideas to life. To begin with, he forces himself to put together an outline of his thoughts so he can clearly see them. This also gives him the opportunity to defend his ideas, which ultimately makes them stronger. He also surrounds himself with people that, both, agree with him and some who don’t, and this gives him the opportunity to see his ideas from many different angles.