Investment Advisor Matt Badiali Helps Investors Get Large Freedom Checks

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‘Freedom Checks’ are the monthly and quarterly dividend-like payments made to people who invest in Master Limited Partnerships handling to discover, produce, store and distribute the oil, gas and other energy-related natural resources in the United States. With a renewed focus on domestic energy self-sufficiency and the success of the fracking industry, there are over 568 MLPs currently involved in the American energy industry. By law, these companies must give investors 90% of the profits made from their activities. Over the next 12 months, those payments could exceed $34.6 billion. Read more about Freedom Checks at

Geologist and investment advisor Matt Badiali is the one who started calling those payments ‘Freedom Checks’. His reasoning is that they are generated by America’s renewed focus on energy independence. This means less reliance of Middle Eastern sources of oil and developing more of America’s energy resources. Badiali is a graduate of both Penn State University and Florida Atlantic University. He earned a bachelor’s in earth sciences from the former and his masters in geology from the latter. Matt Badiali was working on his Ph.D. at the University of North Carolina when a friend asked him to use his science background to help him pick stocks.

These days Matt Badiali writes a monthly newsletter called Real Wealth Strategist which offers investment advice that Banyan Hill publishes. His focus is on metals, mining, energy and agriculture. What makes Badiali unique is he visits the mines and oil fields where the resources are produced, talks with workers and managers and assesses the work being done before making recommendations to his readers. Matt Badiali has an excellent track record. The stocks he recommends consistently yield double and triple digit returns. The freedom checks are positioned to provide even better returns. Read this article about Freedom Checks at Banyan Hill.

Freedom checks are tax-free. They’re not income. Payments through freedom checks are considered returning investors’ capital. Another good reason for people to invest in MLPs and get the freedom checks is investors pay the capital gains tax rate should they sell their MLP investment, not the higher tax rate charged on personal income. By promoting freedom checks Matt Badiali is giving American investors a great opportunity. Those investments can provide returns as high as 39,832%.

The investments made in MLPs will be used to develop domestic energy reserves in places like the Permian Basin, the Marcellus Shale as well as the Bakken Shale. Investors will get freedom checks and support America’s energy independence.