Investment Management By Fortress Investment Group

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Fortress Investment Group is a renowned firm that specializes in investment management. The firm is expert at managing assets and private equity, liquid hedge funds and also manages credit funds. Fortress Investment Group is primarily based in the New York City in United States. The LLC is a globally functioning investment management firm. They have solutions and strategy designed for almost all investment problems.Randal Nardone, Wes Edens and Rob Kauffman are the three founder of Fortress Investment Group. Each of them is highly experienced investors and has great level of expertise in investment marketing. Their main focus was to create a new form of firm that specializes in investment and approached with a alternative asset technique in order to gain private equity and invest that further into high tech vehicles.

Fortress Investment Group has come up with several ways of gathering excellence from intricate investment techniques. It is expert at all sort of operational or structural evaluations. The company was initially formed in 1st January, 1998 as a private equity firm. Since then it has grown immensely and developed great expertise in managing assets efficiently. It is also known for handling acquisitions and mergers. The company has a well-developed relation with a range of board members and corporate and management professionals and many other stakeholders. The company has well developed method to gather earnings form intricate investment that it makes for their clients and specialized well in capital markets.

Fortress Investment Group can secure proper amount of finance from equity markets. The proper skill of managing investment displayed by the company has given it the opportunity to work with a huge number of clients in the market and hence now has knowledge regarding a range of industries. The most recent operations of the company are focused on three main categories which are Capital vehicles permanent division, its credit and private equity. The credit sector was initially formed in the year 2002. The Private equity sector concentrated on generating cash flow from investments which are control oriented. Lastly their Permanent Capital Vehicles sector focuses their task force in the real estate market and infrastructures in United States.