Luiz Carlos Trabucos Experience Led Him To Make a Statement About Brazils Economy

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Brazil is undergoing a recovery from its economic decline. It was indeed great news to the Brazilians as they can finally live a better life in their country. However, former president of the Trabuco Bradesco, Luiz Carlos Trabuco, informed the nation that this isn’t the right time to celebrate as it’s “too early” to do it. The former bank president, Luiz Carlos Trabuco, claims that the recovery process of the country’s economy is still ongoing. This means that if a mistake is done, the recovery will end right on the economic cycle that’s occurring to Brazil as of this moment. Read this article about Luis Carlos Trabuco at Estadao.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco says that a reform is needed in order to ensure the longevity of the economy’s recovery. He added that the recovery is just a cycle change in the economy of Brazil due to the low comparison bases. Thus, the cycle change may be the only recovery period of the economy itself if there’s no reform that will be added to the system of the country. He even stated that the recovery of the economy will be a “chicken flight” if no reforms are added at all.

One factor that he added for keeping the recovery stable is to make sure that government spending will be limited in the form of a ceiling spending technique. The Trabuco Bradesco former president states that the lack of proper reform will make other countries question about the capability of Brazil to rise up from its own issues.


The idea of reform is actually being respected by a presidential candidate. Governor Geraldo Alckmin states that he will make a pension reform as a priority once he wins the presidential elections. It just shows that the capability of Luiz Carlos Trabuco in monitoring finances can be very valuable in helping the country thanks to his experience and tenure over the industry of finances.

After all, he was the former president of Trabuco Bradesco, until he got replaced by Octavio De Lazari Jr. His replacement was a president of another sector that Bradesco controls. This was a change of succession and nomination that was decided by the committee within Bradesco. This resulted in the retirement of Trabuco, but the government and many companies still see him as a great talent in the finance sector of Brazil. It was all evident anyway as his tenure in Bradesco as CEO proved his worth as an economic analyst. Read more at Ultimo Segundo about Luis Carlos Trabuco.