Nick Vertucci: Charting his Own Destiny

The Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy seeks to help real estate agents in navigating the treacherous waters that are in the real estate market. It is cutthroat, and if a newbie is not cautious, most definitely they will get eaten alive. The NV Real Estate Academy provides valuable tried and tested techniques for achievement of success in real estate. One Nick founded it in 2013 in Irvine, California. Mr. Vertucci felt the need to share his tips for a successful real estate career with the world. He was not always successful; in fact, he had quite a rough start in life.

Before He was a Pillar

Nick did not have an overly extravagant childhood. He was well loved and had enough to eat, so he was not exactly living in squalor either. However, everything changed when his father died. At ten years of age, Nick Vertucci barely saw his mother because she had to work twice as hard to provide for the young family. At the age of 18, he was living out of a van. His luck changed when he started Coastline Micro. The company sold computers and was doing quite well until the crash of 2000. It got Vertucci slide back into the dark days.

Starting All Over Again

Mr. Nick Vertucci had not made any investments to tide him through difficult times. Once again, he was pushed to the bottom. The only difference was this time he had a family to feed, a wife and three daughters. After about 18 months of drilling himself deeper in debt, a friend suggested a weekend real estate seminar. Nick was adamant at first as he did not want to lose his weekend to someone. However, after contemplating for some while, he went along anyway. To date, Mr. Vertucci terms this as the best decision he ever made. Since that time, Mr. Nick has made millions of dollars from the real estate market. He comfortably uses the knowledge he has amassed for over a decade, and this is how the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy was incepted.

Stand Up Guy

Nick’s Fortune in Flipping is a gem. He is also a member of Ripoff Report’s Consumer Advocacy Program. In Nick Vertucci’s words, whatever has happened in the past does not dictate your future. These words ring true; he is a living testimony.