NuoDB Cloud Database Technology

NuoDB Cloud Database technology is a new technology that features a database management system which remains to work all the time including times when there are system upgrades or failures in the data center. It assures the user of saved maintenance and management costs since the systems expected down times gets sufficiently minimized.
The NuoDB Cloud Database keeps the user guaranteed of service, and thus the business expects success. Taking a business as an example, all the modules that a customer will need to use are available all the time, and thus the service the NuoDB user offers is accessed efficiently, and this may give the business a good name.
The NuoDB works by having durable cache memories that get distributed which stores the data elements which have also been divided into smaller modules commonly referred to as atoms.
The cloud database, therefore, consists several transaction engineers and storage managers who are redundant and operating in the same way. With this setup, it is easier to upgrade or expand the NuoDB by just adding extra servers, unlike other Cloud databases which need replacement of all the hardware which proves its efficiency.