Why White Shark Media Is The Right Choice For Your Advertising Campaigns

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To ensure outstanding results, smart business owners count on an advertising agency to establish an ad campaign. If you want to get good results with your PPC advertising, it is imperative that you contact White Shark Media for campaign management.


White Shark Media is a recommended PPC management organization that provides advertising services to companies that advertise online using Bing PPC Ads or Google AdWords. The company has provided services for years and is focused on delivering a reliable and efficient advertising management service for enterprises, particularly small and mid-sized firms.


This advertising agency has offices in Atlanta, GA, Miami, FL, Denmark, Scandinavia and Nicaragua, Central America. White Shark Media. With low setup charges, no contracts and no cancellation charges, White Shark Media works by following a concept that their client’s beneficial results should also lead to their becoming successful and not before.


Their pay per click advertising and marketing services place your website on top of first page on search engines to show your ads at the right time to the ideal people when they are searching for the search phrase you intend to target.


By tying your Pay Per Click campaign to details landing pages, you will certainly have the ability to figure out which campaigns are benefiting you and where you could have to make adjustments.


Another essential component of their formula for success is tracking all their clients’ advertising and marketing initiatives in wonderful information. With keyword-level call tracking, Google Analytics integration, affordable knowledge as well as proprietary reporting software application, they make sure that they are totally answerable to all their clients on a monthly basis.


White Shark Media is dedicated to their customers’ continued success. This is why they intend to be ingenious with their cost-efficient, flat-fee advertising and marketing solutions with full transparency.

Stock-Based Financial Solutions Offered By Equities First-UK

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As an independent broker, Equities First Holdings provides innovative services to both private customers and institutions. They avail loan to clients based on its evaluation of the future performance and the risk associated with bonds, treasuries, and stocks. The company was founded in 2002. It has offices in London, Singapore, Sydney, Honk Kong, Bangkok, and Perth. It is also a member of the ICAPs Securities, London Stock Exchange, and Derivatives Exchange. Through its unique approach of financing non-purpose capital, the company has managed to close over 700 transactions. This typical method of funding has provided most of their clients with better financing terms and lower cost of capital than traditional financing strategies. Equities First provides financing arrangements based on the needs of an individual borrower.

The company offers execution-only, trading services with access to equity placing and IPOs, as well as discretional and advisory managed portfolio for its private clients. Their services are suitable for SIPPs and ISAs. The corporation provides personal services based on the specific needs of their customers considering their risk appetite, financial profile, and investment objectives. They also allow clients to access global equity markets through their broker dark pools, MTFs, agent network and crossing networks. Additionally, their trading staff and customer account executives have vast experience in the financial markets. This way, they are able to develop innovative solutions to the needs of an individual client.

Equities First’s mission is to give its clients maximum benefits with a low risk. To this end, all its customers can meet their personal and financial goals. They have turned to be the ideal option for clients who need funds urgently. Unlike other companies offering similar services, Equities First has embraced the use of stock-based loans. This form of credit ensures that the borrower enjoys the benefits of a given loan without many limitations such as the declining value of stock. The company has collaborated with many banks, international law jurisdictions, and law firms to develop products that address the needs of customers locally and internationally. Owing to its diverse services, the corporation has continued to grow year after year. Today, it is ranked as one of the leading companies in alternative lending around the globe.

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How Eric Pulier Put His Mark On The Software Industry

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A Natural Born Leader

When you start programming in your elementary school years and you create your first company in high school, your bound for success. There is something that Eric Pulier does better than practically anyone else and that happens to be software. He emerged as a clear leader in the industry almost as soon as he left Harvard University and he has never looked back. Now, he has dozens of patents to his name and so much more to boast about.



Standing Up For Others In Need

Eric Pulier has made himself hundreds of millions of dollars over the course of years, but this hasn’t stopped him from looking out for others and trying to find a way to make the world around him a better place. This is why he gives money to many charities and spends so much time trying to do what will help others in need. He has even used his talents to help those in need such as when he helped the Starbright Foundation create the Starbright World social network. Years later the private social network shows plenty of activity from teens in hospitals around the world.



When His Country Needed Him

Pulier has shown that when someone needs help he is willing to do what he can to help those in need. After leaving office Bill Clinton wanted to do everything he can to help those in need. This is where he came up with the idea of the Clinton Initiative. Clinton knew that no one was better suited to help out with this project than Eric Pulier. He invited him to join and Pulier agreed. Now, he continues to help people on a much larger scale from important challenges like global warming and world hunger.

Sawyer Howitt Continues to Develop at Raquetball

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Sawyer Howitt is an aspiring amateur raquetball player based out of Oregon. While he has not yet made too much progress on the professional circuit, he has had a few matches early in his career that are starting to get him some attention from others that are in the field.

During the 2015 State Championships, Sawyer Howitt showed that he has the ability to compete with any other player in his grouping. During the final tournament, he lost a very tough match to a player from Portland before going deep into a match against a player from Salem.

While Sawyer Howitt has been a very strong raquetball player, it remains to be seen whether that is where he will focus his time and future aspirations. Howitt currently is also employed at a prestigious company, the Meriweather Group. In his role at the firm he is gaining valuable experience in all areas of the business.

Click here to learn more about Sawyer Howitt.

The United States Poverty Story- Doug Levitt

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He has the passion for telling the story of the poverty in the United States of America. Some artist and musicians have done this for several years wanting to bring the journey and the stories into the limelight. One of the artists is Doug Levitt. Levitt has done the stories of the trip in his artistic project known as Greyhound Diaries. Greyhound Diaries presents and tell the stories by hosting and organizing shows and events where the stories are told through photographs, music, and images projected in performances Doug gives all over the world.

The idea of Greyhound Diaries was born from experience Levitt got when he was traveling for work related duties. He grew up in a well family and did not experience any struggles during his growth, but he saw other people struggle in London and the United States something that led Doug to establish Greyhound to tell their stories and experience. The Greyhound Diaries project has resulted in two records including publishing of writings, photos, and web series.

Doug Levitt can well be described as an America singer and songwriter was born in 1972. He is the founder of Greyhound Diaries project. The project has lasted more than a decade and has seen Levitt travel by bus to accomplish the mission of his project. Levitt is the youngest, and his mother served as a City Council member and was once a mayoral candidate in Washington DC. Levitt attended DC Washington Public Schools, and he graduated from Woodrow Wilson High School before attending Cornell University. Levitt Graduated with a master‘s degree in international relations from the London School of Economics.

Levitt Doug began his career as a journalist with CNN before moving to London to work as a foreign correspondent. While operating in London, Levitt decided to quit his job and embark in music and art. His project has grown since he established it and he has traveled to several countries telling the United States poverty story. Doug has been spending his time and resources touring many parts of the United States where many people have never gone or even do not k now the areas exist. Doug is passionate about telling the poverty story and has been touring the areas using a bus.

The Best in Businees, Goettl

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Goettl Air Conditioning was established in 1939 and since has grown to have many locations in multiple states. Their skilled and friendly workers have provided people with the heating and cooling needs for the past several decades. Through their skilled workers and excellent customer service, Goettl is the go-to place for anyone in need of a more efficient, and cost friendly unit or repair.

What Do They Offer?

Goettl offers many services, upgrades, and units to fit anyone’s needs


Air conditioning service and installation- perfect for anyone who needs a unit, repair, or who is interested in getting a more efficient unit in their residence.


Heating service and installation- Goettle offers efficient units that are perfect for anyone in need of a heating unit. They also offer dual units, both heating and cooling, for someone who is interested in both air conditioning and heating units.


Indoor air quality product installation and service- the ideal unit for anyone who wants to improve the air quality in their home. This is a must for anyone who lives in a busy city, has problems with allergies, or just wants to improve the quality of the air that their family and they intake.


Everything is installed by skilled technicians who are experienced in installing and repairing any customers needs. Goettl is known for their excellent customer service that is there to help everyone have the best experience they can.


Goettl is the place to go for anyone who needs a unit, repair, or any other service they offer. They install the highest quality products with the highest trained workers. Goettl reputation speaks for itself. Next time you are in the need of any air conditioning, heating, or air quailty services, Goettl is the place to go.



Focus on CEO Jose Borghi of Mullen Lowe Brasil and the Pitfalls of Inbound and Content Marketing

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The old saying ‘advertising is the business soul’ has found a companion in the maxim ‘content is the soul of your business‘. As days go by almost all companies are becoming adept in inbound marketing and content marketing. Lots of entrepreneurs expect to reap the fruits of their labor fast forgetting that the strategy itself is not the final solution to their issues. It is important to differentiate between inbound marketing and content marketing.

Jose Borghi, the CEO of Mullen Lowe Brasil, defines inbound marketing as the strategy of attracting audiences through delivery of material (relevant content) that helps in solving problems. This commitment assists a brand to gain authority in the marketplace and earn customers’ trust. Content marketing on the other hand comes to this process through coming up with relevant material. Jose Borghi holds that if everything goes well then the customer will make a purchase or contract for service. The question is how a company develops its strategy. Most companies get excited over the prospect of having more customers that they tend to make strategies that are poorly planned and done hurriedly.

Bad Concepts Interpreted

Mullen Lowe holds that there are some content marketing ideas that are spread in a wrong manner leading to people expecting an instant solution. Some of them are explained below:

Looking Smart

A company always publishes intelligent texts and content on its website or blogs that are then shared in various social networks. Jose Borghi points out that this earns it some points. However, this is not an efficient strategy when it comes to content marketing. You have to come up with a plan that goes beyond having motivating content. You require having a study of the buyer personality, SEO optimization, buying journey etc. Mullen Lowe President stresses that the belief that published texts will be your salvation will disappoint badly.

Being Useful

This forms the key pillars of advertising and content marketing. The useful content should also take note of the type of reader and how effective the content will be to him. Your content should be addressed to the target audience. Consumers are much informed nowadays and do not need evidence but rather sufficient and useful information.

Being Present

Ensure that your content does not fall into the turmoil of other social posts that people are not interested in. Ensure you participate in the content you post to interact with the readers. Patience and proper preparation will ensure your advertising strategy is successful in the end.

Jeffry Schneider, the Financial Professional

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Jeffry Schneider, a veteran in the financial services industry, is the founder and CEO of a Texas-based alternative investment firm, Ascendant Capital LLC. He is an apotheosized financial professional having excelled throughout his career. His mission is to be a trusted liaison to successful fund sponsors and financial intermediaries seeking access to alternative investment asset classes and sponsors so as to diversify risk and maximize return. Jeffry Schneider manages a group of financial and operating professionals who source, structure and also support innovative alternative investment offerings. Under his enthusiastic and dedicated leadership, Jeffry Schneider attributes to twenty-four years’ experience in financial service industry.


His company, Ascendant Capital, is a boutique investment firm with the emphasis on alternative investments. The company identifies real estate funds, hedge and private equity funds that are rarely available to investors. After identifying the resources, they come up with a range of value-added offerings which get support from an extensive education, marketing, operational and sales services. Jeffry Schneider believes that alternative investments are an excellent way to reduce volatility and diversify holdings. The capital raised is used in the auto dealership, tech companies and to purchase real estates as a way of diversifying holdings. The culture of open dialogue, transparency, and trust among team members in Ascendant Capital plays a large part in the success of the company.


Mr. Jeffry is also committed to helping the less fortunate; Wonders and Worries, God Loves We deliver, Cherokee Home of Children and the Gazelle Foundation are some of the charitable organizations that he works supports. Jeffry has helped raise nearly one billion dollars and helped Ascendant Capital LLC grow from two to more than thirty employees over the last five years. Ascendant Capital raises funds for established and emerging asset fund sponsors and distributes the private and public offerings across the globe with the network of private banks, Registered Investment Advisors family offices and broker-dealers. Jeffry and his team are expecting to raise as much as $50 million on a monthly basis. Apart from work, Jeffry Schneider loves staying fit and has even participated in several marathons and both full and half ironman. He enjoys healthy eating and travels a lot. His love to explore the world has made him travel across Asia, Europe, and South America.



5AM Ventures Embraces Sustainable Life Science

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Scott Rocklage is presently 5AM Ventures’ Managing Partner. He is known to be a strategic leader with a keen eye for operational detail and creativity. His three-decade experience in the healthcare sector has seen him be part of development teams for new FDA-approved drugs like Teslascan and Cubicin.


Rocklage joined the 5AM Venture Management team in 2003. He eventually rose to become a managing partner at the company that invests early in potentially profitable companies. He has helped the company in its endeavors to build successful, next-generation science companies. It mainly deals with healthcare industry companies looking to solve problems in the sector using cutting edge breakthroughs in research and development.


Scott Rocklage holds a Chemistry degree from the University of California, and a Doctorate in Chemistry from MIT. To date, he has helped develop over 30 patents and boasts of at least 100 peer-reviewed publications. He has held executive management positions in numerous companies including Nycomed Salutar, Inc.; Cidara Therapeutics; Novira Therapeutics; Rennovia Inc.; Achaogen, Inc.; EPIRUS Biopharmaceuticals, Inc.; Pulmatrix, Inc.; and Semprus.


5AM Venture Management LLC


5AM’s investment specialists have resilient scientific and medical zeal as well as operational, financial, and legal proficiency. The venture’s experiences provide a distinct platform to seek and modify life science portfolio firms. It has team members who incorporate reliable and hands-on tactics to company building processes. The venture is a primary investor that offers a direct contribution in setting firms’ strategies in business expansion and fundraising efforts.


Portfolio Companies of 5AM Ventures


5AM Ventures works with Achaogen firm, which is committed to discovering, improving, and financing new antibacterials to treat multi-drug resistant and gram-negative contagions. It also works with Bellerophon Therapeutics; a clinical company focused on developing new drugs and devices to treat cardiopulmonary diseases. Moreover, 5AM has partnered with Ceterix Orthopedics Company that focuses on meniscal preservation and offers patients a chance to maintain their natural knee health and firmness.


5AM’s portfolio companies are extensive in the healthcare industry’s medical technology, biopharmaceutical, and research equipment areas. Further, the venture evaluates new podium techniques, corporate derivatives, and products with short-cycles. It invests across many therapeutic regions within each segment.

Chris Burch Reviews the Transformation which Occurs When Fashion and Technology are Mixed:

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Chris Burch continually invests money, time and thought in way of investments. He reviews, within the following text, how important it is to recognize that fashion and technology, work side-by-side, in order to produce products that greatly assist in the functionality of everyday living. One thought that Chris offers (and not verbatim) is: the fashion industry and tech sector are both continually changing. The change is very apparent, when reviewing a history of each industry. The industries are married from the standpoint one allows the other to grow freely and the other—returns the favor. The best way to understand fashion’s future and the future of technology is to review the history of technology and fashion; as well as the current theme of both.


The Seventies era gave the general public the technology of the Boom Box. This mobile device brought the general public, a great amount of excitement. The musical enthusiast, could play his favorite musical selections and listen to various radio stations. There were two cassette decks, on the Boom Box. One cassette deck played music, and the other deck was used for recording. The Boom Box was still a mobile device used in the eighties. The listener was now able to listen to the audio of movies. This additional feature made the Boom Box all the more popular. The nineties was the era, when the musical enthusiast, made use of the Walkman. The Walkman was a great deal smaller than the Boom Box. The next decade, the consumer is listening to his favorite tunes, by way of the iPod. Technology, then, is pertinent to its current popularity.


The coupling of technology and fashion is currently occurring. Many designers of fashion, enjoy creating the type of products that work well or are deliverable to the general public. The great designer, sees a wealth of possibility, when making use of the element of technology. The innovation, in combining fashion and technology is obvious.


Anouk Wipprecht is a well-known fashion designer. She “couples” technology with fashion. She mentions that when putting fashion together with technology: she is allowed to experiment with many different design ideas. This coupling, of these two elements, allows Ms. Wipprecht to experiment with, much intensity, in way of designing a product. She is well-known for her design of a drink making dress, known, in prominent fashion circles, as the ‘DareDroid’. She also created, the self-painting dress, named: ‘Pseudomorphs’.


Many fashions evolve; by way of technology, becoming products used as a means of protection. Anna Haupt and Terese Alstin are the creators of neckwear for bikers. The ‘Airbag for Cyclists’ is a unique system that provides airbag protection, should a biker begin to fall off of his bike. The product is designed, in order that the biker does not hurt his head, when he hits the pavement. The neckwear, too, provides more visibility, than a standard bike helmet–that is, when it is closed.


Another worthy protective product is referred to as: ‘Frontline Gloves’. The product is the creation of Ashwin Rajan and Kevin Cannon. The gloves make it possible for fire-fighters to make use of built-in signals, to assure the safety of entering a site, where devastation has occurred.


Another form of technology and fashion, uniting, is by way of a designer creating apparel, out of recycled materials. SegraSegra recycled inner-tubes, from that of bicycles, in order to create T-shirts and jackets. Emma Whiteside created a gown out of recycled copper, from that of a radiator.


Energy creation is useful, in producing a popular product. Wearing apparel is able to capture energy to power up a watch or mp3. Soledad Martin is busy working on a prototype for shoes, which charges the wearer’s cellular phone, when he or she is taking a jog.


Glasses were not considered popular in former decades. Diane Von Furstenberg changed the attitude of the public. She allowed her runway models to wear Google Glass, during one of her fashion shows. The general public woke up, to the fact, that the models, wearing the glasses, made a nice bold fashion statement.


It is evidenced, from the above text, that when used together, the elements of fashion and technology provide many deliverable products. The products provide safety, functionality, and style.


Notes Regarding Chris Burch and Burch Creative Capital:


The investment philosophy of Burch Creative Capital is to invest in true visionary ideas of entrepreneurs, and to assure those ideas come into focus, within the marketplace. The products or services, chosen, for means of investments, also must offer the general public with true value. The company makes certain its financial practices, as to investment, remain reliable.


Chris Burch has been in the business of investing for thirty years. He has participated in the success of more than fifty recognized brands. He is intuitive, and understands, all too well, the relative behavior of the consumer. Some of Mr. Burch’s primary investments, within his portfolio, include: ED by Ellen DeGeneres, Cocoon9, Nihiwatu, Poppin and TRADEMARK, and more. Mr. Burch is currently supporting several lifestyle brands. He addresses all types of brands, with respect to apparel lines, home furnishing products, hospitality-related products and services; technological innovation, and food items grown—organically. Other interesting and significant investments include: The Faena Hotel + Universe, Jawbone, Voss Water and, once again, many more.