For Asset Investment, Call Ted Bauman!

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Our assets are some of the most important things that we can ever own. But knowing how to properly protect it and invest in it so that it can grow and benefit us more, is something we may need professional help with. Mr. Ted Bauman is a professional in this area who is heavily sought after. His expertise in the financial word in of investing has impacted many corporations and individuals who want to protect their wealth from the economy when it becomes unstable.

Ted Bauman started his journey started at home by observing the needs of those around him in our nation’s capital. Born in Washington, D.C. and raised in Maryland, the ups and downs of our economy was at his back door. He wanted to set people free from corporate greed and governmental takeovers. In the 1980s he was afforded this opportunity by migrating to South Africa to study History and Economics with postgraduate degrees from University of Cape Town. He learned many things while there, building a career to enhance his skills in executive roles to people who didn’t have much but could grow their wealth with his help. Ted also studied at State University of New York majoring in Business Administration and Georgia State University with a MBA in Finance. Read more about Ted Bauman at Gold Eagle.

By working in housing development projects all over the world, Ted Bauman perfected his skills on focusing on effectiveness and sustainability. He has worked with the United Nations, European grant-making companies, South African government and many more. When he returned to the United States in 2008, he work as Director of International Programs for a non-profit organization in Atlanta, GA. Mr. Bauman continued sharing his knowledge by traveling to over 75 countries and having the mindset to do business and store wealth in a variety of countries.


In 2013, Ted Bauman joined the Banyan Hill Publishing family as an editor for the investment company. He specializes in international migrant issues, asset protection and low-risk investment strategies. The Bauman Letter, a monthly newsletter by Ted, recommends personal solutions for those seeking help. Another advisory service he created is called Alpha Stock Alert, where safe ways to help you protect and grow your wealth are shared. He has several other publishings and co-authored books to help people learn how to become aware of what they have financially, make it grow and be able to maintain it. Read this article at Analyst of Finance.

Wes Edens Takes His Company Into New Areas

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Wes Edens has been in business for many years and has a great deal of knowledge in working in the financial industry. His company, Fortress Investment Group was founded by himself and several other partners in 1998. The company was focused on creating alternative lending practices for businesses. He encouraged the banking industry to allow certain loans to be approved for up and coming businesses using their equity. His company also approved many loans to corporations over the years. They have grown to be one of the largest investment groups in the world and they are continuing to seek new ventures.

Employees at the company feel that the management of the business is top notch and that they know what deals are the best. The encourage their employees to continue their education and have arranged for many of them to attend classes during working hours. This type of environment has helped the company to keep many of the key employees that they have. They also offer many hours of training to their people in order to keep them on top of the industry. This plan has allowed the company itself to grow.Wes Edens graduated from Oregon State University in 1984. His degree in business administration has allowed him to increase his company portfolio.

Wes Edens knows that in order for a company to expand, they need to have a solid base on which to work. He has used this theory many times in the history of Fortress Investments. His company has been recognized by other businesses in this field as having the best management team.Wes Edens is married and has four children. He spends his free time with his family at many outings. He is an experienced mountain climber and he feels that when he is climbing a mountain, it allows him to free his mind and think about how he wants to move his business forward. He has also been known to frequent horse shows where he is a fan of the jumping contests. Wes Edens future seems to be moving in the direction he had planned.

Investment Management By Fortress Investment Group

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Fortress Investment Group is a renowned firm that specializes in investment management. The firm is expert at managing assets and private equity, liquid hedge funds and also manages credit funds. Fortress Investment Group is primarily based in the New York City in United States. The LLC is a globally functioning investment management firm. They have solutions and strategy designed for almost all investment problems.Randal Nardone, Wes Edens and Rob Kauffman are the three founder of Fortress Investment Group. Each of them is highly experienced investors and has great level of expertise in investment marketing. Their main focus was to create a new form of firm that specializes in investment and approached with a alternative asset technique in order to gain private equity and invest that further into high tech vehicles.

Fortress Investment Group has come up with several ways of gathering excellence from intricate investment techniques. It is expert at all sort of operational or structural evaluations. The company was initially formed in 1st January, 1998 as a private equity firm. Since then it has grown immensely and developed great expertise in managing assets efficiently. It is also known for handling acquisitions and mergers. The company has a well-developed relation with a range of board members and corporate and management professionals and many other stakeholders. The company has well developed method to gather earnings form intricate investment that it makes for their clients and specialized well in capital markets.

Fortress Investment Group can secure proper amount of finance from equity markets. The proper skill of managing investment displayed by the company has given it the opportunity to work with a huge number of clients in the market and hence now has knowledge regarding a range of industries. The most recent operations of the company are focused on three main categories which are Capital vehicles permanent division, its credit and private equity. The credit sector was initially formed in the year 2002. The Private equity sector concentrated on generating cash flow from investments which are control oriented. Lastly their Permanent Capital Vehicles sector focuses their task force in the real estate market and infrastructures in United States.

What you should know about Peter Briger of Fortress Investment Group

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What you should know about Peter Briger of Fortress Investment Group

Peter Briger is a business leader and financial expert based in San Francisco, California. Peter posses over two decades of professional experience in asset management. Currently, Peter serves as the chief executive officer and the co-chairman of the Fortress Investment Group, which is a leading global investment management company. The group manages and oversees over $65 billion in assets for both private and institutional investors.

Peter Briger was elected as the deputy chairman of the company board in 2009. He has steered the operations of in different management roles from 2002. Currently, Peter oversees the real estate and credit fund business of the investment group. Peter majors in underestimates and distressed assets and credit investments that are considered illiquid and manages a team of over 300 employees.

In 1996, Briger became a partner at the Goldman Sach after working for the corporation for fifteen years. Peter has served on committees like the Global Control and Compliance Committee and the Asian management committee. During his time in the company, Peter served as the trading and loans co-head, the principle of a fixed debt company, and the co-head of an Asian firm that majored in Real estate. He has also managed issues regarding debt distress in an international financial company. He has also been appointed as an Advisory Board Member by Linketone limited company.

Peter Briger is a graduate of Princeton University where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree. He also holds an MBA degree from the University of Pennsylvania. Peter currently holds the #307 position on the Forbes Billionaire list. Peter serves as the director and advisory board member of the University of Princeton investment company.

Apart from his successful financial services Career, Peter Briger is a remarkable philanthropist. He takes part in charity organizations and events to support communities. Peter is one of the three Alumni that have set up funding for supporting the Princeton University recent alumni to kick-start their business startups.

Additionally, Peter Bridger supports nonprofit organizations that focus on handling the most risky demographics. He is a leader in the Silicon Valley council that manages funds that are released to children globally. Peter bases his charity support of time and momentary resources to sectors such as children, education, and poverty alleviation among the less privileged in the community.  A Force of Innovation: Two Decades of Fortress Investment Group




The Accomplishments Of Shafik Sachedina

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Shafik Sachedina is the co-founder of the Sussex healthcare, a caregiving company in the United Kingdom. This is the best caregiving company in the world He founded the facility alongside his friend and entrepreneur Shiraz Boghani. The two men who have their origin from East Africa moved to England in search for better education, but once they did so, they established businesses in the line of their professions. Sachedina is a dental surgeon who holds a degree from London University while Boghani is an investor in the hospitality industry. He is the CEO of Splendid Hospitality Group which owns about 220 high-end hotels in the U.K.

Shafik Sachedina is originally from Tanzania. When he moved to the U.K and completed his degree in dental surgery, he started his practice in the country. Since then, he has some interests in the healthcare sector. However, Sussex Healthcare is one of the best initiatives that he has in the industry. This is a facility that is helping hundreds of people in need of specialized care get the best services. Together with Boghani, they decided to ensure that the health of the handicapped in the society was well taken of through this facility. Sussex Healthcare has been in existence for the last three decades.

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Shafik Sachedina is also known for his prominent role in supporting the Ismaili community in the United Kingdom. This is a community of Muslims living in the U.K. He has been a volunteer head of department of the Jamati Institutions which promote the welfare of the Ismaili community. Sachedina also works under the Secretariat of His Highness the Aga Khan. He I the coordinator of the programs of the organization in central Asia. Most of the activities he is involved in are voluntary. His wish is to see that the welfare of the Ismaili Community is preserved.

Shafik Sachedina has help position of leadership in various organizations within the community. He has been the president of the Ismaili Council for two terms. He has also held other positions in welfare organizations. His commitment to the community has been seen from the fact he is ready to set aside time from his professional career to address matters of the community.

Alex Pall Talks About Songwriting For The Chainsmokers

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Alex Pall had a feature in Interview Magazine about The Chainsmokers and how they write and perform their songs. He is one of the newest DJs on a music scene where everyone seems to be a DJ, and this article explains how Alex has managed to break the mold of the traditional DJ trendsetters.

What Is Their Music Like?

The Chainsmokers feature other artists where they can, and they have put such chart-topping musicians as Halsey on their albums. However, they are turning inward to handle singing for some of their new songs. DJs do not often write their own music because they are creating mixes of someone else’s music.

Alex Pall is accustomed to creating mixes as that is how The Chainsmokers got their start. Alex has sung on some of their new tracks, and they have become much more of a drop than a DJ-style band.

A New Style Of Music

A new style of music is emerging from what The Chainsmokers are doing. The band is making music in the DJ style without asking other people to sing it all for them. This is a fantastic thing for the music industry because it allows multi-talented people to make their own music. Someone who wants to do more than scratch records must ensure that they have listened to this band and Alex’s music.

Creating New Music Quickly

The Chainsmokers turn over their new music quickly, and they tend to do this because they want to get back on the market as fast as they possibly can. They have a strategy to be in the public eye at all times, and they use their many talents to make each new song very different.

Alex Pall is happy to create a mix here and there that will chart on the radio, and he loves to write new music he may well sing on. The band is becoming a much bigger name in music because people notice the moment more music is released.

Alex Pall has proven that his approach to writing and recording music impacts the charts.

Robert Ivy: Award Winning Architect

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Robert Ivy is an eminent architect and designer as well as author, editor and practicing architect who is currently the “Chief Executive officer of the American Institute of Architects”. Robert Ivy has been involved in other illustrious firms pertaining to his current profession. For instance, in 1996, Mr. Ivy became the editor in chief of “Architectural Record”, as well as “McGraw-Hill Construction Media” whose job was to produce a magazine presenting supportable design in architecture. Like many other excelling businessmen, Robert Ivy has in some way contributed to increasing the firm he works for. For instance, his editorial leadership in “Architectural Record” opened the door for industry honors and numerous awards such as ”The Premier Magazine Journalism Award”, “American Society of Magazine Editors National Magazine Award” and many more to name a few.

Ivy has been in partnership with other companies that have in turn been ensured a flourishing revenue and recognition with his help. Robert Ivy has earned a spot on search engines and other means of fame from his constant contributions as well as numerous awards for practically every company he has participated in, for seemingly every year. In 2008, Ivy earned the MPA Digital Award, 2009 the “Crain Award” (and said to be the highest recognition for an individual in American business media), and in 2010, he won the “Alpha Rho Chi” a national architecture fraternity award for his success in liaising the value of design.

Ivy added to his ability to create an efficient company after graduating from Tulane University in New Orleans, Louisiana with a Bachelors in the Arts.

With so many imposing awards, and commitment to seeing the firms through a substantial growth and prosperity, Robert Ivy has in time received a grand award known as the “Polk Noel Lifetime Achievement Award”. Known simply as the “Polk Award”, this award is given to artist and art patrons whose artwork over a great span of time has been honored and recognized. Awarded by the Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters, Ivy is said to be the first architect to receive such an award.

Ivy has come to be so well known for his dedication to enhancing projects and firms while receiving recognition for his efforts through awards. A man of talent proves to be a leading aider of community and putting his talents to the best of their ability.

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“Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff” Gets Mixed Reviews

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Sean Penn recently wrote the book “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff”, which seems to be controversial since before it was even published. The book hammers in on some of the most controversial issues in the present day American culture as well as taking some fictional punches at the fictional president who is eerily similarly described in the liking of the actual president. “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff” also takes a few swings at culturally sensitive issues such as he #metoo movement and is described as “Infantilizing” and also as a “toddler’s crusade”.


Sean Penn told the CBS Sunday Morning that he thinks that some people will really like it while other’s will absolutely loathe it. And that is what he was expecting. It’s what he wanted it to say about him. Penn has seemingly projected his world views into his new book. “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff” is also somewhat of a catharsis. A venting of sorts for the actor turned author.

By the way, Sean mentioned that he decided to become an author because he got tired of not being able to “play well” with other’s in the movie industry. He feels that the industry has become somewhat saturated and flooded with too many movies for there to be something special. Even Netflix is now producing about 700 new shows.


“Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff” is based in a dystopian like world. The character is a sad, middle aged man who sells septic tanks to Jehovas witnesses and has a hard time connecting with people. However, his views are not totally hopeless and bleak. Sean Penn places his hopes on the youth of today.


Drawing attention to his new book has not been an issue at for Sean Penn. Snippets of it were released before it was published and caused immediate controversy because of the American cultural issues that were discussed. Even though his book is almost a pure reactionary vent for the award winning actor, it seems that doing so is also trending. Bandwagoning is also another issue that really irritates the character in the book.

A Spot Check On Life Pursuits Of Jacob Gottlieb

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Jacob Gottlieb is well known for his contribution to the development of the largest hedge funds in healthcare field across America known as Visium Asset Management where he serves as the CIO. He was born and raised at Brooklyn in New York after his parents emigrated from Poland into the United States. His father, Mr. Max Gottlieb Ph.D., and mother, Dr. Helena Gottlieb, were both well-established professionals who were economics professor and pediatrician respectively.

The qualifications of his parents affected Jacob Gottlieb career path and somehow developed an interest in both professions. This shaped his education and professional pursuits where he was not only interested in business, investment, and economics stuff but also in the healthcare field. The investment talent in Gottlieb was seen while he was still in grade 7 where he won a contest that involved stock selection prepared at his school. His father was not blind to his child’s talent hence opened an investment trading account for the boy.

After his secondary school studies, Jacob Jay Gottlieb went on to pursue his interests, economics, and medicine. He was enrolled at Brown University where he studied Economics and later Medicine at NY University. He later went to St. Vincent Hospital for a medical internship. He later realized that he was more interested in Economics hence went to Wall Street and CFA designation so as to sharpen his finance knowledge and skills.

Jacob Gottlieb commenced his trading career at Sanford C. Bernstein & Co. where his scope was global healthcare as a semi analyst. He later left for Merlin Biomed Group as a Portfolio Manager in healthcare and after a short period, he moved to Balyasny Asset Management (BAM). At BAM Jacob hit his jackpot and became the most successful earner in the firm. With always interested for higher and tougher challenges, they left BAM to form Visium.

Jacob Gottlieb was very crucial to the development of Visium which hit heights of holding over $8 billion hedge fund with an employment capacity of 170 employees. Throughout his career life, he has exercised professionalism and ethics required in trading and the entire finance field. This could be the reason why he was not mentioned in the allegations that hit Visium in 2016. In fact, he was the only executive who was clean.

Jacob Gottlieb has also been in the forefront of supporting various nonprofit organizations and charities based in New York. He supports Covenant House which protects homeless children and gives the education. He also has his hand in Robin Hood Foundation which deals with poverty and Math for America (MFA) which aims at producing sharp graduates in the STEM.


OSI Group Expands in Australia; About David McDonald

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OSI Group began as a small family owned business in Chicago. Partially due to the partnership with fast food restaurant McDonald’s, OSI Group has been able to expand to all corners of the globe. They now have operations in the United States, Holland, and Australia. Their activities in Australia recently took a turn for the better. Their Australian division, OSI International Foods{Australia,} completed a merger with Turi Foods. This merger comes with a name change to the division: it is now called Turosi Pty Ltd. The two companies have agreed upon a shared ownership. “OSI and Turi have built a business of strong reputation with the customers each company serves,” said David McDonald, the President of OSI Group. David McDonald continued, saying that together, OSI Group and Turi, as a single entity, have tremendous potential to better serve their customers.

Together, a total of five plants are operational under the newly created partnership.

About OSI Group and David McDonald

OSI Group was created by Otto Kolschowsky, a German-immigrant who was living in Chicago, Illinois. He created the company under the name Otto & Sons, operating a simply butchery and deli for the Chicago area. The transformation from Otto & Sons to OSI Group was a slow one. With a partnership with McDonald’s, whose first restaurant was in the State of Illinois, Otto & Sons was able to expand at a pace unimaginable. In 1973, the company built its first plant dedicated solely to the production of McDonald’s products. Next came expansion and focus. The Otto & Sons name was now solely working to supply McDonald’s, selling off their other assets. In 1975, the name was officially changed to OSI Industries.

Now known as OSI Group, David McDonald leads the company as COO and President. He attended Iowa State University, obtaining a degree in Animal Science. In addition to working for OSI Group, McDonald has worked with Marfrig Global Foods. He is also the Chairman at the North American Meat Institute.

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