Eric Lefkofsky’s Tempus Continues Growth

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Billionaire Eric Lefkofsky’s new company Tempus has gained around $80 million in new funding from its investors. The Chicago-based Tempus was founded as a startup in 2015 as a technology-based company that helps personalize cancer treatment based on data. The latest investments bringing the total since the company was founded to around $210 million. This makes the company worth in excess of $1.1 billion.

Tempus currently has just a over 400 employees in the Chicago area and has been increasing at a rate of around 30 each month. Eric Lefkofsky plans for that pace to continue as Tempus attempts to grow its reach across the U.S. and the world. The value and size of the company means that it has now achieved “unicorn” status, something that not many startups have the distinction of having.

Tempus uses data in order to customized treatment plans for cancer patients in hopes of making the treatments more effective and efficient. The clinical and molecular data is collected and used to find potential trends in cancer treatment as well as help doctors and patients communicate more effectively.

Eric Lefkofsky is proud of the company and the relationships its has in the health car industry, from doctors to pharmaceutical companies. He says that the data side of his business and how it can help enhance cancer treatment is shifting the way in which cancer treatment is being seen among those in the healthcare community.

The $80 million investment in Tempus came from many individuals and companies to include previous investors, New Enterprise Associates and Revolution Growth. New investors in Tempus include T. Rowe Price Associates funds and the Kinship Trust Company. The new and existing investors will help Tempus grow their operations and help them reach more doctors and patients. This increase in data will further help the company find more innovative solutions for the treatment of cancers.

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Clayton Hutson – article recap

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The making of a music empire: Clay Hutson.

Having had a passion for music from his childhood, Clay Hutson chose to venture into music and particularly the Rock n roll. He has since ventured into the music industry business where he has gained numerous business success. He attributes his success to the exposure experience and love for music.


Hutson pursued a Bachelor’s degree in fine arts and technical production in the central Michigan University. He then proceeded for a master in Business Administration at the University of Michigan.


Clay Hutson has had great and wide work experience before venturing into music as a business. He held the position of a production manager at Get-a-grip touring and a stage manager for Hip-hop star Kanye West. Later on, he was involved in other entertainment forms.


Owing to the various skills he learnt from the positions he held, Hutson decided to start his own company. The company offers services such as show production and production design. Besides that, his company also involves in managing logistics and stage management of some artists.


Clay Hutson claims his music business took little time to break even. He attributes his success to consistency, hard work and being able to attract clients easily.


Hutson is an early riser. His typical day starts at 6 am when he rises and then goes to his studio before anyone else. He then executes a plan for the day. Clay Hudson is always keen enough to ensure that everything is done perfectly before the show starts.


He believes that planning is the best thing that should happen. He ensures that by the time his crew gets to work he has a plan good enough to ensure he delegates duties to them.


Clay Hutson believes in the principle of inspecting what he expects. He is keen to cross check everything he does more than twice to ensure it is perfect enough not to disappoint.


Clay aligns himself with people who have a sense of hard work and dedication. He also ensures that work ethics are the main thing for a business to get quality out of every input.


Besides referrals, Hutson has a website. The website enables him to strengthen his image and promote his business while marketing it.


Technology is a key part of his business. He runs most of his business using his iPhone. He believes that this saves time and is much convenient.


Clay Hutson suggests Carlson’s book “Don’t sweat the small stuff” a book that helped him focus on the wider picture rather than unnecessary and less important things. Learn more:


An In-Depth Look at Ryan Seacrest’s Hospitality Career

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Ryan Seacrest is known from his wide variety of hospitality opportunities which includes his radio show, On Air with Ryan Seacrest that finds itself among the best in the Los Angeles area. The iHeartMedia 102.7 KIIS-FM radio network has been previously rated as one of the best morning radio shows in southern California.

Ryan Seacrest has been featured in several annual and reoccurring entertainment programs such as the New Year’s Eve annual entertainment show prior to the midnight ball drop on ABC. Ryan Seacrest has earned a popular reputation across the nation and is most commonly known for hosting American Idol, a popular musical talent show, for a number of years.

Host Ryan Seacrest is also a large supporter of charity and serves as chairman for his own foundation dubbed the Ryan Seacrest Foundation. The charity focuses on providing young adults and teenagers with the opportunity to explore their musical and entertainment based talents through initiative programs.

The average person can take a look at Ryan Seacrest’s impressive résumé and understand why he has earned the reputation and success that he has found in his career. Seacrest represents a collection of values that align with an entrepreneur lifestyle. His independent reasoning and respected personality allows him to find new ideas that could provide the entertainment industry with something fresh when it needs it. Ryan Seacrest (@ryanseacrest) will be around for a while, and to nobody’s surprise, he’ll surely find success along whichever path his career follows.

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David McDonald: A Banner at OSI Group

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David McDonald is an executive leader at OSI Group serving diligently for over thirty years now. He is among the longest-serving employees in the company. David is a passionate person in his endeavors and through hard work; he has pushed the success of the company to another level. He currently serves as the company’s president. David McDonald was born and raised in Iowa. He began his career life immediately after graduating from college where he earned a degree in Animal Science. He started working at OSI as its project manager and worked his way up the ladder to become the president of the company.

OSI Group is privileged to be served by such a committed leader who firmly believes in success. The company has made commendable steps in the food industry. It is known to be a leading global food provider that is dedicated to providing the high-quality products and highly sought out services to their customers. David McDonald understands the growth nature of the company, and so he commits himself to maintaining the logistics teams that ensure that the company keeps on evolving in the international market. Some of the recent achievement under the leadership of David McDonald at OSI Group include the purchase of the Baho Foods. This company in Dutch specialized in deli foods as well as processing other types of foods. This acquisition was a significant milestone for the company regarding gaining presence in the European market region. During his leadership, the company has progressively made significant achievements. The likes of establishing 10 Chinese facilities that handle the poultry services. They are known to serve many chain restaurants.

Apart from the facilities in China, David has guided the company through numerous beneficial pursuits. For example, in 2012, the company was able to launch projects that accounted for the expansion of the Poland Beef processing facility in India. The annual capacity produced increased tremendously. Other projects were initiated in Hungary and Geneva. Through an interview, David McDonald pointed out that he is excited and proud of the growth that the company has realized since he joined in 1991. He is more zealous to see greater success even after serving that long. He also recognizes the role of the customers in making the ideas at OSI a reality. David is particular enough to say that the team of staff, as well as the clients, achieve the innovations and the creations at OSI. He does not regret nor his thirst quenched for more achievements.

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Talos Energy: Texan Oil and Gas Company

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In the state of Texas to of the largest energy providers just completed a merger last week. Talos Energy has now entered public markets after its acquisition of stone energy on 10 May. In addition, BP energy partners have decided to raise $475 million in a private equity fund.

There have been a number of significant moves by companies in the energy industry of Texas in the last month. A $6 billion merger was just closed with the Chicago Bridge and iron company that resulted in it being taken off of public markets. Over the last several years it has lost significant amounts of its market capitalization. It has two years left on a lease for its headquarters in Houston and plans to move into a new facility after the lease is terminated.

Talos Energy has just finished the final touches on its merger with Stone Energy Corporation. This acquisition has allowed the offshore exploration company to be sold on public markets. Talos Energy shareholders owned 63% of the company after the acquisition while stone shareholders carry the remaining 37%.

Talos Energy is a company that operates in the oil and gas industry. They primarily are involved in the exploration, development, and production of both oil and natural gas. These processes are typically focused in the Gulf Coast and the Gulf of Mexico. In 2012 the company was originally founded after a $600 million equity raise was completed by a fund management company. In 2017 Talos Energy was able to announce that the exploratory drilling had been able to uncover nearly 2 billion barrels worth of light crude oil. This represents a significant discovery by the corporation and promises to help propel it into the future for the next several years. As a result of this, it has been able to raise the funds it has needed in order to undergo such things as its recent acquisitions. To know more about the firm click here.

Learn Peter Briger’s Contributions To The Investment World

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Learn Peter Briger’s Contributions to the Investment World

Good people will always be remembered for the good deeds they selflessly do for others. Whenever you have an opportunity to do something good for others, you shouldn’t let it go. You would one day reap from the good thing you sow today. This is what great men such as Peter Briger understood and decided to take the direction they took in their life. If Peter and others didn’t realize this, they would not be as prominent as they have become. Whenever Peter is mentioned somewhere, many people have different good things they remember him for. At Fortress Investment Group, Peter is the principal of the group’s management board. The group has various assets it supervises, and the global recognition it has achieved is evident.

The company has skilled personnel and experience to maximize on investment tactics. Both credit and private investors find their place in this investment firm. Peter happens to be the man in charge of the mortgage department. He is proficient enough in dealing with distressing debts in the real estate department. He has worked as the management board’s associate since 2006. He was then promoted to the Co-chairman position in 2009. Since 2002, Peter Briger has worked with the Fortress Investment Group as a partner. Before he came to Fortress Investment Group, Peter was a board member for Caliber Schools and Tipping Point. Caliber Schools prepare students for afterlife and college life.

Peter has also partnered with a surgical hospital as its Board advisor. He is an active person when it comes to philanthropic activities in the community. Global Fund for Children is one of the communities he has partnered with to make his philanthropic work easier. Peter Briger has also helped many officials and citizens solve various foreign policy issues through Foreign Relations. He was at Princeton University where he graduated with an undergraduate degree. His urge for career excellence led him to Pennsylvania University to do Business Administration.

He went to Groton School for his grammar studies. Peter Briger doesn’t believe that a company should only do well when the economic environment is favorable. He has made Fortress Investment Group increase its investment returns even when the financial tide is rough. He used exceptional skills to transform the company’s credit sector. He was once invited to a Research conference as one of the distinguished investors. He met other global investors, and shared together their financial expectations and business views. Peter started a program for young entrepreneurs with other two Princeton alumni to help the upcoming entrepreneurs achieve their investment dreams.

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Where To Experience Traditional Samoan Culture In That Nation

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     The capital of Samoa, Apia, is a small city but there’s still plenty to do in and around it. This city is on Upolu which is the second biggest tropical island that makes up Samoa. The architecture is colonial-style and it’s easy to walk where you want to go rather than renting a car or relying on taxis when you’re a tourist here. Many people fly in at nearby Fagali Airport which is minutes from downtown.

The most popular thing to do as a tourist is to go to Fia Fia Night. This event, held on Wednesday nights, is a celebration of traditional Samoan culture. There is a buffet and several forms of entertainment. This includes songs and dances. The mail performers wear lava lavas and the women wear puletasis, both of which are very colorful. The most energetic part of the night is the Siva Afi where the men perform a fire knife dance. The end of the evening involves the Tauluga, or final dance, where everyone gets to join in and learn some new dance moves.

Just down the road from Fagali Airport there is the Samoa Cultural center, another place to experience Samoan history. Guests are led through this by hosts who explain the activities that take place in this village such as tapa making, basket weaving, and wood carving. Once in awhile tourists can see one of the locals being tattooed by one of this country’s master tattooist.

On your final day in Samoa you thankfully don’t have to rush in order to catch your flight home. Since Fagali Airport is small you don’t have to get there two hours before your flight as is usually recommended. Each flight can only seat 19 passengers so getting through the airport is a breeze for travelers.

Milan Kordestani

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Milan Kordestani is a young entrepreneur in the Bay Area. Born in Stanford, California, he attended school in London for a while due to a family move before returning to California. He is an avid equestrian and has placed in the third leg of the Triple Crown. He is focused on racing challenging horses at the international level and continues to pursue ribbons. He began riding at the age of 10 and is known for getting right back on the first horse that threw him to return to kids’ camp.

In addition to his equestrian pursuits and running his company, Milan Kordestani writes for the Huffington Post and attends University in the Bay Area.

Milan Kordestani founded Milan Farms in 2015 and trademarked the company and 2016, while still in high school. He is interested in a more authentic experience for the grocery shopper and provides eggs, saffron, and herbs through his business Milan Farms. He ensures an honest product by growing the feed for his chickens himself and producing organic, GMO free eggs. He is interested in hydroponics and has been named the first person to grow saffron on a microfiber sponge. On his farm he uses deep water irrigation and a plant sensor called Parrot Flower Power. He believes in deep irrigation as an alternative to the sprinkler system. Using this on his farm, he saves over 30,000 gallons of water per year even though he keeps saffron.

Milan Kordestani is interested in saving trees also. His business participates in the One Tree Planted program, which plants a tree for every one dozen eggs sold from Milan Farms. Milan Kordestani uses drip irrigation for his saffron, and is researching and experimenting with hydroponics and aquaponics as well. His saffron bulbs are purchased from Iran and his transplant has gone well in California, where the bulbs are flourishing. He has had some success with the hydroponics and is still experimenting with various levels of saline and other solutions.


MB2 Dental Solutions: We Are More Than Just A Company, We Are Family.

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Hurricane season is approaching once more. This time of year can bring painful memories to those who were affected by natural disasters, like hurricane Harvey. However, this anniversary has a bittersweet feeling for the staff members of MB2 Dental Solutions. At a time when everything seemed lost, employees of the company were reminded that MB2 is not just their employer, but their family.

In the wake of the destruction, MB2 instantaneously began working on a relief fund to aid the 25 offices that were affected by hurricane Harvey. Donations started to pour in from across the area to help the staff members as they tried to recover from the disaster. At the same time, employees were also concerned with making sure that the supplies were also distributed to the other associated facilities that were also affected by the hurricane. Together, they worked hard to make sure that everyone made it through the darkest hours after the storm.

One employee, in particular, is celebrating her child’s one-year birthday. As she reflects on the memory, she is reminded that her coworkers took care of her while she recovered from childbirth. This video tells the heartwarming story of how she found safety for her child after the storm. She discusses her journey through flood waters as she left her home to find shelter. Other employees reflect on their memories of the event and how they were proud to be an employee of a company who cares about each other.

The Founder and CEO of MB2 Dental, Dr. Chris Villanueva, expresses his gratitude towards all of his employees for the way they supported each other during that time. He believes that the video that tells their story is a symbol of “hope and encouragement” that reminds them that they are not alone.


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Raised up and Born on a ranch in the northeast of Iowa, David McDonald advanced from the state of Iowa University year 1987, the beneficiary of the Outstanding Oldest Award Wallace E. Barron and a bachelor’s grade in animal knowledge. He started his profession with OSI Businesses in Chicago after graduating and operated his way up to advancement as president and chief operating officer.

OSI Assembly has made incredible steps in the nutrition industry. As a leading worldwide food delivery that endeavours to bring top foods and facilities to its clientele. Been with the corporation for 30 ages he had an incredible part in its growth and success. Owing to the global nature of Group OSI, to retain things smooth, this company must labour closely with resident sellers so that clients’ requirements seen without bother.

Mr McDonald acts as the Chief Operating Officer and President at OSI Group; He assisted as Development Manager Industries of OSI. As Chairman of Meat Institute North American. He’s been a Self-governing Executive at Marfrig Global Nourishments S.A. since 2008 December after Marfrig Frigoríficos e Comércio de Alimentos attained the Group OSI actions in Brazil and Europe. As an Associate of OSI Group’s panel of managers. He aids as Executive of OSI Global Foods Pty Limited. Mr McDonald has from Iowa State University with a degree in Animal Science.

David postulates that Group OSI has done notable developments in its dispensation and manufacturing departments. They comprise introducing a beef handling resource in Poland, an original contemporary feed grinder in Province of Shandong and an original frozen nourishments processing factory in India. Additional developments contain penetrating diverse markets like Hungary and Geneva. The company has 50 trades in 17 states furthermore. The corporation serves famous brands like as Starbucks, McDonald’s, Subway Papa John’s, Yum and Burger King. For more than two eras, OSI Group is doing trade in China. Currently, the corporation is on a scheduled development trajectory. In China, the company runs eight plants.

Baho holds five companies that have processing factories in the Netherlands and Germany. David G. McDonald said “Adding Baho Nourishment to the OSI Europe corporate stretches OSI a bigger existence in Europe,” The Group OSI has a substantial focus to enlarge its acquired Baho Food in the European market to strengthen its existence in the resident market. Baho Food a clandestinely-owned initiative that produces and dispenses other products and meat to food and retail trades in 18 nations of Europe.

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