The Multi-Talented Cassio Audi

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In the early years, Cassio was involved in different music bands. Cassio was talented in music and was in a top music group. He was involved with various groups including Drums, Soldiers of Sunrise, and Killer Sword among others.


Cassion was great in music, but his love for finance and business led him to build a career in the business and investment world. Finance world has been presented as a complex field, but because of his knowledge and expertise, Cassio has been able to create an exceptional career.


His 23 years in the business has given him skills in leadership, strategy development, and management. Cassio graduated from the Pontifical Catholic University where he graduated with a Bachelor degree in Business Administration. Between 1999 and 2000, Cassio attended the University of Sao Paulo for his Masters in Business of Administration in Finance. While pursuing his undergraduate studies, Cassio worked for the JP Morgan. In this position, he was involved in asset management. Cassio left JP Morgan in 1996 to join the Dow Chemical as Senior Financial Analyst.


For eight years, Cassio was the Financial Director of Gillette, a manufacturer of the leading brands. He was responsible for developing strategies and performing tax and auditing. Before resigning from Gillette, Cassio became the Chief Financial Officer at Brookfield Brasil Real Estate Company. Cassio was responsible for 16 acquisitions at the Company.


His expertise in the financial world helped Cassio to build a robust reputation. Cassio has in the past advised people and provided guidance in investing especially in stock markets. His peers have described Cassio as a hard working, action-oriented, and meticulous planner.


Cassio possesses strong interpersonal and communication skills. Cassio leadership skills have enabled him to manage the staff at the different Companies he was served in.

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The Career of Swiss Entrepreneur Mike Baur

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Mike Baur is a Swiss based entrepreneur who is the current co founder of a company known as Swiss Startup Factory. Over a span of over two decades, Mike has had a lot of experience working with startup companies. When he first started out in his career, he worked in the banking sector. During this time, he would provide loans to businesses that needed money to start up and expand. After working in the banking field for two decades, Mike would begin a career investing in startup companies. This allowed him to get even more exposure to working with startup companies. By the year 2014, Baur looked to start up his own company and helped start up Swiss Startup Factory. The company provides guidance and mentorship to a number of entrepreneurs in Switzerland.


At the very beginning of Mike’s career he got his first exposure to startup companies in the banking industry. When working in this sector, Mike would regularly meet with entrepreneurs who were in the midst of starting up new companies. In a majority of cases, they needed to get funds to start up and expand. Mike would help them by going over their finances, their business idea and it’s potential. Baur would also agree to secure loans for these companies and allow them to get the funds to reach their goals. While Mike had a successful career in banking, he would look to move on to other activities. He would eventually begin to invest in startup companies.


After he left the banking industry after two decades Mike looked to capitalize on the potential of startup businesses. He would do this by investing in various companies that were new and emerging. During his time investing in startup companies, Mike used his own money to get a stake in a company. Baur would then wait for the companies to make revenue and get a share of the profits. This allowed him to earn high returns on a regular basis.


Baur started up Swiss Startup Factory in the year 2014 in an effort to help startup businesses get the guidance necessary to succeed. The company offers a very unique business model where it enables business owners to present their idea for a business. After listening to the business ideas being pitched, Swiss Startup Factory then provides coaching and advice on things such as marketing, management, product development and finance. As a result, startup businesses in Switzerland are in better position to become top companies in the near future.



Traveling Vineyard – Is It Legit?

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The Traveling Vineyard is a business that wants you to join their team and help them promote their wines. Are you ready to make money selling products from the Traveling Vineyard? If you love talking about wine, drinking wine, and meeting new people, this is the right opportunity for you because it can allow for you to interact with others and share your interests with people while creating connections that eventually turns into direct sales. The Traveling Vineyard is a legitimate company that can help get you started on the right path to making a great side income.

It all begins when you join the program. You will receive an impressively simple but powerful toolkit to help you get started on your very first wine tasting event. It’ll be scary and nerve-wracking for your very first time, but it will be very rewarding. You will receive about 35 percent of your overall sales, and the money is given to you over a period of three separate payments every single month.

Is the company real? Do they actually pay? Not only do they pay on time and provide great benefits, but they can allow for you to make even more money and not just by selling more products. You can bring more people into the brand as wine guides, and when they make sales, you too can earn a percentage from their earnings. It’s a continuous business that can extend further than your own personal work. This is the place to make more money.

How To Handle Online Wounds

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For anyone that is online, there are going to be online attacks. One thing that is not a good idea is letting online wounds fester. It is important to have a response plan that could effectively address any attacks or concerns. If any attack is allowed to dwell, then it is going to cause more damage than initially. Therefore, it is important for one to take the time to address the issue. This is not to say that he has to stop the services he is providing in order to respond to the attack. However, it is important to show that he is aware of the attacks that have been aimed at him.

According to, one of the most important aspects of addressing the attacks is to claim the listings. When one claims his listings, then he is able to monitor and respond to the content. For instance, when it comes to review sites, there are a lot of unclaimed listings. For the ones that have claimed their listings, there is a much better success when it comes to business. It is important for companies to engage the community and address the issues that have been mentioned on the site. In this case, he will be able to take care of any damages to his reputation.

One very important thing for a business to show is that he is accessible. He must also show that he is aware of the problem and cares enough to fix the problem. Therefore, it is important to make sure some of the major issues with the company is addressed. Of course it is not important to handle every single complaint. The person must be discerning as to whether the complaint is legitimate or just something written to get a rise out of someone. The worst thing a business can do is get dragged into the mud with someone else.

Goettl Air Conditioning Is Growing By Leaps and Bounds

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Goettl Air Conditioning has been in business in the desert Southwest for over 77 years, having been established in 1939. They were the first company to introduce evaporative cooling and refrigerated air conditioning to towns and cities in the desert and are well-known for their excellent service, sales, and installation of all brands of heating and air products.

They are also known for their Goettl Maintenance Program where for only $12 per month, the customer gets discounts on parts, service, and installation, they also receive strong warranties as well. Once a year members receive a tune-up for their heating and air equipment to make sure that they are in good working order.

Ken Goodrich, the owner of Goettl, has embarked recently on an expansion program to provide better service and market reach to the expanding desert cities of Las Vegas, Phoenix, and Tucson. Recently merging with Las Vegas Air and Paradise are have expanded the servicing capabilities a great deal.

Goodrich plans to hire an additional 100 employees in 2017 to be trained primarily as service techs. He plans to send them to the College of Southern Nevada for training. The expansion of the residential areas in Las Vegas, Phoenix, and Tucson shows that there is a great need for more servicing capabilities.

By merging with various other air conditioning and heating companies in these desert communities, Goodrich is solving the need for more HVAC business in these areas. Goettl has been in the HVAC business, but not as in as much depth as the market requires. Las Vegas Air and Paradise were more involved in HVAC, so the recent mergers were very appropriate.

Goettl Air Conditioning was recently noted by The Arizona Foothills Magazine as being the best HVAC company for 2017. The company also recently donated free air conditioners to schools that were recently robbed and vandalized.

Lime Crime Velvetine Lipstick Is Amazing And Fun.

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If you have been following Doe Deere or her company Lime Crime, you might already know a small truck load of useful information about both her and the comapny. What you might not know about is the amazing products that the company has for sale. One product line that is amazing and fun for makeup wearers is their lipsticks. The Velvetines are my favorite and it’s easy to see why. For starters, they are lively and bright. The color is just awesome. The Matte Velvetines go on liquid. The CEO designed these based on a red rose and the way the flower looked and felt. The matte finish of these liquid lipsticks last for hours and they are available in so many colors.


We can start with the rich red velvet which is as true to red as you can get. If red is your cclor of choice you could try red rose which is more of a ruby color or move to suedeberry which is a sweet coral color of red. If you want to go bolder, true love is right there in that line of reds. It is a pink red that is vibrant and fun. If red is not you color of choice, you can try elle which is an apricot nude or try scandal, a deep rich plum. Lime Crime has so many useful colors and it can be hard to pick just one.


The Matte Velvetine line has over forty colors including a light orange known as squash and black light reactive green shade called alien. You could also try teacup which is a periwinkle that also is great with the black light. These colors would be great for a dance or a rave because of the way they play with the light.


Another part of the line that is super cool is the Matallic Velvetines. There are so many nice colors in this line and what is nice is that you can mix all of these products to create the perfect you. The company has lips products and eye shadows, hair colors and more. Use them all to create the expression of self that matters to you most.




Tim Armour Emphasizes You Don’t Need To Settle For Average Returns

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Warren Buffett is a long-time proponent of achieving better returns by investing in a simple, low-cost index fund that follows the S&P 500. Tim Armour agrees with him that most active fund managers don’t “earn their keep” as they charge excessive fees and still don’t beat the market. However, he thinks Mr. Buffett is painting active funds with too wide of a brush.

Mr. Armour says that there are active funds that have low fees, don’t trade excessively, and do beat the market. He says that the best way to find a good active fund is to look for ones where the hedge fund manager has a large amount of their own money in it which incentives them to manage the fund well. He also says the biggest overlooked problem with passive investing in the S&P 500 is that there is no protection when stocks go into a bear market.

Read more: Capital Group Board Elects Timothy Armour as Chairman

Tim Armour is the Chairman and CEO of Capital Group. Capital Group is one of the oldest and most established financial services company in the world, with over $1.4 trillion in assets under management. Mr. Armour has spent his entire professional career with Capital Group and worked his way up the ladder to his current role at the company.

Mr. Armour has made the argument many times that you don’t need to settle for average returns. He says that investors should do a lot of research into different actively managed funds that beat the market because in the long run that is how they will make the most in returns.

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Tidal is Gaining Ground Thanks to Desiree Perez

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Desiree Perez has stepped out of the shadows and become of the most important players in the rebranding of Tidal. Everyone may not know who she is just yet, but things are certainly changing for her. Music lovers are getting to know her in a very intimate way because she is pulling the strings and making people see that Tidal is going to be one of the biggest businesses out there.

Desiree Perez was the producer of a concert tour for Jay-Z and Beyonce. This was her entry into the business of concerts. From there she would help other artists get great deals for their concert tours. She is a contract negotiator. She has made it well into the business of working with musicians to get some of the best deals. For Dez Updates, check on

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As time has progressed she has become of the most creative forces behind the Tidal brand. People are immensely impressed with the way that she has rebranded this Tidal company. They are doing some great things by offering people a glimpse into the world of video content. Concerts like the Tidal X concert are big. Jay-Z is the owner. He is married to Beyonce. Both of them have music catalogs that are quite extensive. At times Desiree Perez has worked with Jay-Z to get some exclusive content in place. Sometimes it is in the form of new music. At other times it is through videos. There is a lot of content for people that are interested in getting their hands on the exclusive content. This is not always easy, but Desiree Perez wants it this way. She knows that people will flock to Tidal if they cannot find the exclusive content anywhere else.  See

Desiree Perez is a smart businesswoman. She knows a lot of things that can help Jay-Z transform Tidal.  See


Christopher Burch diverse investment Portfolio

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According to Christopher Burch, the founder and CEO of Burch Creative Capital, the growth between the technology industry and the fashion industry is directly proportional. This theory has made it possible to predict the future of the two industries. In simple terms, technological growth is driven by what individual consider fashionable. A good example is the invention of the iPod. Initially, in the 70s, people used to carry boom boxes which were large music boxes with two cassette decks. The boom boxes later became non-fashionable, and this led to the purchase of iPods, which are smaller and more fashionable to carry.

Fashion designers are one of the key participants in the fashion and technology synthesis. They have to design products that are compatible with the current technology trends. According to Anouk Wipprecht, a Dutch fashion designer, technology acts as a framework where one can discover a lot of possible outputs. The use of technology also enables the production of fashion products which serve as protection. An example is an airbag for cyclists, which protect cyclist head from impact and also enhances visibility hence eliminating the use of helmets. Fashion and technology can also be used to create energy. Soled Martin is currently designing special shoes that enable one to charge a phone while walking or running.

Christopher Burch is one of the investors who promote the use of technology and creativity to manufacture acceptable consumer products. Mr. Burch has implemented this philosophy in the operations of Burch Creative Capital. The company majorly supports the production of a variety of consumer and lifestyle products in the field of hospitality, health, and technology.

Christopher Burch career as an investor and entrepreneur has led to the rise of more than 50 new companies. Understanding the consumer behaviour is what has resulted in the success of this companies. Mr. Burch has also accumulated a variety of real-estate ventures internationally as a way of promoting his diverse investment portfolio. Chris believes that technology has become part and parcel of human life, and for individuals to advance, they have to acknowledge the presence of technology and use it for commercial gain.

Yanni Hufnagel Finally Set For Recognition He Deserves

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Malcolm Gladwell, the famous sportswriter, did a sociological experiment and came to a startling conclusion — it takes 10,000 hours of practice to master a skill. That is an incredible amount of time. In order to become one of the world’s best basketball players, Blake Griffin needed to practice for 10,000 hours during his lifetime. Yanni Hufnagel was there to help them achieve his 10,000th hour.


Yanni Hufnagel would show to the gym at Oklahoma early in the morning to open the doors for Blake Griffin. He would warm the superstar up and rebound for him during shooting drills. When the superstar wanted to stay late, Yanni Hufnagel would be there to close the gym doors after guiding him through another personal practice.


It is the Yanni Hufnagel’s of the world that are really impressive to me. These are the men who spend their entire lives hoping to get other people to the top of their games. And it looks like Yanni Hufnagel is finally going to be recognized for his work.


The Jewish assistant coach of the University at Reno grew up in Scarsdale, New York. He was cut from his high school varsity basketball team which inspired him to become the team’s announcer. He graduated from Cornell after taking an unpaid internship with the New Jersey Nets washing players jerseys. That’s when he got his big break and became the assistant coach at Oklahoma.


In 2009, he moved over to Cambridge, Massachusetts, to become the assistant coach and recruiter for the Crimson Tide. In four years, he built an Ivy League championship team that went 79-24. A poll of college coaches named him the most likely assistant coach to become a star based on recruiting skills alone. In his early 30s, he has decades to become a household name in college sports.