Robert Ivy: Award Winning Architect

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Robert Ivy is an eminent architect and designer as well as author, editor and practicing architect who is currently the “Chief Executive officer of the American Institute of Architects”. Robert Ivy has been involved in other illustrious firms pertaining to his current profession. For instance, in 1996, Mr. Ivy became the editor in chief of “Architectural Record”, as well as “McGraw-Hill Construction Media” whose job was to produce a magazine presenting supportable design in architecture. Like many other excelling businessmen, Robert Ivy has in some way contributed to increasing the firm he works for. For instance, his editorial leadership in “Architectural Record” opened the door for industry honors and numerous awards such as ”The Premier Magazine Journalism Award”, “American Society of Magazine Editors National Magazine Award” and many more to name a few.

Ivy has been in partnership with other companies that have in turn been ensured a flourishing revenue and recognition with his help. Robert Ivy has earned a spot on search engines and other means of fame from his constant contributions as well as numerous awards for practically every company he has participated in, for seemingly every year. In 2008, Ivy earned the MPA Digital Award, 2009 the “Crain Award” (and said to be the highest recognition for an individual in American business media), and in 2010, he won the “Alpha Rho Chi” a national architecture fraternity award for his success in liaising the value of design.

Ivy added to his ability to create an efficient company after graduating from Tulane University in New Orleans, Louisiana with a Bachelors in the Arts.

With so many imposing awards, and commitment to seeing the firms through a substantial growth and prosperity, Robert Ivy has in time received a grand award known as the “Polk Noel Lifetime Achievement Award”. Known simply as the “Polk Award”, this award is given to artist and art patrons whose artwork over a great span of time has been honored and recognized. Awarded by the Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters, Ivy is said to be the first architect to receive such an award.

Ivy has come to be so well known for his dedication to enhancing projects and firms while receiving recognition for his efforts through awards. A man of talent proves to be a leading aider of community and putting his talents to the best of their ability.

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