Sheldon Lavin’s Exceptional Leadership At OSI Group

OSI Group has devoted to producing sustainable food products under the leadership of Sheldon Lavin. Mr. Lavin’s efforts are built on OSI Group’s long history of embracing the rewards and challenges of cutting-edge technology. In fact, OSI Group has not become an innovator in the food industry now; it grew from a small meat vendor to become one of the top suppliers of packed food products in the world. OSI Group began as a butcher shop in Chicago, supplying meat to McDonald and its chain of restaurants in the Midwest America.

Sheldon Lavin has managed OSI Group’s spectacular growth since the mid-1970s. The desire to embrace new tech trends and strategies and increase the efficiency of OSI Group and decrease its environmental footprint has guided Mr. Lavin’s career. One of the prisms through which the management of OSI Group makes its decisions is sustainability. As is the tradition with the firm, Sheldon Lavin is developing and embracing new strategies and techniques even as the company faces the need for more eco-friendly and sustainable food products. As a result, OSI Group has won numerous prestigious awards including the California Green Business Award, the British Safety Council’s Award, the North American Environmental Award, and the Global Visionary Award. The adaptation of the latest technology is one of the factors that positioned the OSI Group to enter the global food market with a bang.

Sheldon Lavin joined OSI Group as a consultant in the 1970s after arranging for the financing of its predecessor, Otto & Sons. He began as a financial consultant and worked his way up to become the Chief Executive Officer. Mr. Lavin became the firm’s managing partner in 1975 after arranging for its financing when it was seeking for further overseas growth. A few years later, one of OSI Group’s shareholders asked Mr. Lavin to make a full-time commitment to the firm’s operations. The owners of OSI Group knew that their firm was a few miles away to become a global supplier of food products and wanted a highly experienced and skilled CEO. As a result, Mr. Lavin was appointed the CEO and Chairman, and under his leadership, the firm has continued to conquer the meat and food processing industry.

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