Susan McGalla: Inspiring Success

Susan McGalla is the epitome of grace and leadership. Her hard work has proven time and time again that she will remain a force in the business world. Recently an article published on looked at her role in the implementation gender diversity in executive leadership. The article, “How Pittsburgh’s Susan McGalla Paved the way for Women in Leadership” analyzes her role in helping others of her gender rise through the ranks in their respective industries. Certainly, McGalla has proven herself to be a capable businesswoman. After graduating with a degree in Marketing and Business, she started working in her field right away.

McGalla’s biggest success was when she secured the position of President of American Eagle Outfitters. She put in a serious amount of hard work to attain the position and while in it proved that she deserved it by launching two new successful brands. In 2009, she left the company to launch one of her own offering consulting services to investment companies looking into retail markets. She continues to be a force within her industry, even serving in an executive role for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

McGalla is making an impact on women in business because she pushed through the glass ceiling during a time when few women were. In fact, when she first began working at American Eagle Outfitters she was the only female executive. Over time, that has changed but there are still few women in these roles. McGalla believes that in a lot of ways moving up is also about the candidate’s mentality, believing they can do it is a big part of it.

While there are fewer women in leadership roles, the article questions what can be done to help mediate the situation. It is apparent that powerhouse executives, such as McGalla, should have more exposure to budding candidates. Through partnership and mentorship, women might find a balance that will help them move forward in their careers. The gender initiatives mean well, but there is something to be said for working up close and personal with someone that has lived through the challenge. McGalla a woman that can help inspire success.