The Career of Ara Chackerian

Ara Chackerian is an investor, entrepreneur, who is heavily involved in a variety of philanthropic pursuit. He is a graduate of Flordia State and has a B.S. in Marketing, and has since gone to co-founding many companies that have found great success within the business world. Chakerian is based in the San Francisco area and has become well known for the experience that he has had in various healthcare-related industries, community-oriented philanthropic endeavors, and general business. While most of his work has been related to the healthcare industry, Ara Chackerian has also been well known for his support for the environment, doing this especially through sustainability-oriented ventures and have been well known for numerous projects that strive for further opportunities for youth education.


While much of Ara Chackerian’s experience has been in the healthcare industry. Ara Chackerian co-founded many startup healthcare companies which have included TMS Health Solutions, PipelineRx, and BMC Diagnostics. In addition to this, he has also served as an Executive Vice President for the PSS/World Medical. PSS/World Medical is in charge of supplies medical products on an international scale. You can visit for more.



Charkerian’s has had over two decades of experience within the healthcare field and currently is the Managing Director of the ASC Capital Holdings, LLC. ASC Capital Holdings invest in the healthcare companies in the early stages for the startup who seek the revolutionize of healthcare in America. He has had previous experience in a number of startup companies that have proven to be invaluable to his current position. The biggest goal of the company currently is to help bridge the gap between the healthcare field and technology. Currently, Chackerian is involved deeply in Limonapa Teak, which is a teak farm which is located in Nicaragua. The farm is utilizing sustainable practices and has always had their eyes on social stewardship and responsible environmental. You can visit for more.


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