The Future of Clay Siegall Seattle Genetics

Cancer is a disease that has plagued most economies even for those of developed countries like the USA. One company that stands tall and is determined to change the cancer narrative completely is Seattle Genetics. Headquarters in Cascade business park, the clustered buildings that hosts Seattle Genetics does not communicate anything that would suggest the involvement of this giant company to the deadly disease; however as you get inside the building you will meet a triangular sculpture green in color symbolizing the human antibody.

Since its establishment in 1998 Seattle Genetics has been involved with research works, manipulation and manufacturing of drugs that help with cancer therapy. The working principle behind Seattle Genetics has always been connecting the drugs with the antibodies that reside within the body. Through the drugs the company has been able to treat cancer by destroying the cancerous cells from inside.

Despite the fact that this strategy may look simple, in reality it has been able to hurl Seattle Genetics to the top charts in the market. Currently Seattle Genetics boasts of a market value of over $ 10 billion and an employee population of 900. Thanks to this, the company now ranks among the few companies with the possibilities of changing from biotech to pharma. In order to achieve this the company is required to invest heavily in research and development and also increase its employee base with 200 employees. The Seattle Genetics community is one that is rallying behind the promotion of this company to a pharmaceutical company as it will help them have a partner they can count on to mitigate the cancer plague in their community.

About Clay Siegall

Clay Siegall is a renowned biotech who has helped found Seattle Genetics the biotechnology firm that specializes in research and development of therapeutic cancer drugs. Dr. Clay Siegall is quite reputable, in addition to contributing to the health sector through his company, Clay has also helped develop and manufacture a number of drugs that have been approved by FDA.

Dr. Clay is a graduate of George Washington University where he studied his bachelor’s degree in genetics before advancing it with a Phd. In addition to being a healthcare provider Clay Siegall is also a distinguished leader. His leadership role in Seattle Genetics is quite commendable as he has helped the company make a lot of progress. To prove his prowess, Dr. Clay has been awarded are recommended on multiple account including the 2012’s Pacific Northwest Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year.