The Success History of Omar Yunes’ Japanese Food

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Omar Yunes is an entrepreneur that has recently shown the world that you can become one of the biggest franchisees in the world just by sticking to your business model and doing an excellent work as a professional of another man’s team. Omar Yunes did it, and he was ranked as the most successful franchisee in the world, according to a distinguished award from BFW.


Omar Yunes does not have a business history very distinct from other franchisees, he found a niche that he thought would need refinement and was not being delivered in his country, Mexico, and decided to become part of the Sushi Itto franchise, a Japanese restaurant company that provides quality food to the community.


As Japanese food was not nearly as close to the demand in the vicinities of Mexico, where Omar Yunes used to work, Sushi Itto became a huge success in the first few years of its history in Yunes’ leadership and quickly became a triumphing franchise much sooner than the entrepreneur or his partners expected.


Sushi Itto, nowadays, already has thirteen different locations that have high demand and great customer base, and it grew stronger and stronger as years progressed.


The prize was awarded to Omar Yunes at the beginning of 2016, among with other great names in the franchise business, like Armando Costa Astorga and Marín Sánchez. In the city of Mexico, the winner was Sushi Itto and its substantial growth presented during few years in action. Right now, the brand is already planning its 14th installment and is looking into improving the reach of the Japanese food to the rest of Mexico even more than it already has done for the community.


Right now, Sushi Itto has become a reliable company that has achieved more than most restaurants are able to: A chain of locations that have a consistent client base and fans who love the food provided. It was already awarded positive feedback from many critics and food specialists who consider Sushi Itto’s Japanese restaurants a positive link to the original culture of the oriental island.


Right Now, Omar Yunes is improving his own restaurant and making sure that the quality of Sushi Itto never drops. It was the dedication of him, and the whole team, that allowed the prize to go to the installment.