Tony Petrello Invites Tommy Tune To His Home For Post-Performance Party

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Tony Petrello, the CEO of one of the world’s most prestigious oil drilling contractors, Nabors Industries recently reached out to a Houston performing arts committee to welcome performer Tommy Tune home. Tune is a Broadway actor who grew up in Houston and saw his star rise over the years. He even won several Tony awards for his performances in musicals like “The Will Rogers Follies,” “Nine” and “Seesaw.” He performed in Miller Outdoor Theater in this latest trip back home, and afterward Petrello brought him back to his house for a reception party. Tune was honored by the welcome and shared stories with the Petrello family and the other guests on various life events.

Tony Petrello became famous in Houston for major drilling deals he’s made at Nabors Industries, and the company currently owns the largest land-based rigs. He’s seen high profits come in for the company during his time, and even this last year’s fiscal reports showed $2.6 billion in production revenue. Petrello also has pushed for high-tech developments like automation and advanced software drilling programs, and a recent acquisition of another Houston oil well company, Tesco Corporation has solidified the company’s position as a world drilling innovation leader.

Tony Petrello became Chief Executive Officer of Nabors because he has always shown an innate ability to troubleshoot problems and find solutions in ways that few others do. He excelled in mathematics in his childhood and early adult life, and he even graduated with high honors in advanced math from Yale University. Petrello’s next move was to go into law school at Harvard where he got his JD, and shortly after he obtained his license to practice in New York. He specialized in corporate and tax laws as an associate and later managing partner at Baker & McKenzie up until he was hired to the Board of Directors as Chief Operating Officer of Nabors Industries in 1991. 20 years later he was appointed to his current role.

Philanthropy is just as important to Tony Petrello as running a billion-dollar company, and that’s why he’s given to many local groups over the years. The Texas Children’s Hospital has been especially supported by Petrello because he has a daughter who was born with periventricular leukomalacia which has affected her life greatly. But even if his daughter has no cure for her current disability, Petrello is fighting to make sure other children don’t have to deal with the same issues, and he supports neurological research through TCH’s medical facility giving $7 million to it thus far.

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