Tony Petrello Pledges $176,000 To Help With Hurricane Damage

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The damage from hurricane Harvey across Texas was great and took a heavy toll on homeowners and business owners alike. But it also brought people from everywhere together to do their part in cleaning up the damage and donating money to survivors whether it was through $1 or $1,000 donations. C One man who also did his part to help the hurricane victims was Tony Petrello, the chairman, president and Chief Executive Officer of Nabors Industries. Petrello gave every Nabors employee time off to make sure their homes and loved ones were okay, and he also had human resources compensate any who volunteered in rescue and heavy cleanup operations. Petrello started his own fundraiser which guaranteed every cent would go to the victims, and when various donors gave just over $176,000, he equalled that amount with his own donation.

Tony Petrello has one of America’s most lucrative positions as CEO Nabors Industries, the company who holds drilling contracts for some of the world’s top oil companies. He is the leader of its technology development initiative and an exceptional problem solver. Major international deals he’s negotiated include buying Tesco Corporation, another oil drilling company, and now entering a joint drilling partnership with Saudi Aramco known as SANAD. Petrello has also led the rollout of new automated rig series and key pipelines throughout North America.

Tony Petrello didn’t come from a family who ran oil companies or worked on rigs. He grew up in the city of Newark, NJ and his first career interest was mathematics. He studied the subject from middle school up through his time as a student at Yale. But Petrello turned from math after graduating Yale and decided to become a lawyer instead. For 13 years he specialized in corporate law and tax compliance at Baker & McKenzie, and 7 years into his tenure there he became a managing partner. But he stepped down when he learned of a new opening for Chief Operating Officer at Nabors Industries, and since 1991 he has been at the company.

Hurricane Harvey victims are not the only ones Petrello has helped with his charity. The Texas Children’s Hospital has many patients who suffer from cognitive disorders and genetic problems, and Petrello has been giving to its research center for several years now. Petrello also supports local universities, arts foundations and also once welcomed a longtime Broadway star into his home to celebrate his career.

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