Victoria Doramus Seeking To Help Those With Addictions

Recently leaving the Burning Tree, a rehab center in Austin, Texas, Victoria Doramus has finally turned the corner her substance abuse problem she had been struggling with for most of her life. The marketing, journalist, and mass communication professional just completed the rigorous 12 step program, which has yielded such a high success rate of teaching how to enjoy life without substances. As part of the release program, Victoria has to land and maintain a job and work 30-40 hours weekly. Victoria now has the job title of a waitress, a far cry from the previous job descriptions on her resume up to this point.

Victoria Doramus is a graduate from the University of Colorado Boulder and has worked in various marketing capacities within the trend and communications market. The previous media planner for Mindshare, has also done freelance work as a consultant, and journalist for Trend Central and The Cassandra Report, two trend analyst publications.

Victoria, like many young people, she was introduced to drugs during her teenage years by prescription. Those prescription pills would eventually lead to her struggle with drug addiction for over 15 years. Victoria’s initial introduction to rehab was in 2011 when she was 26, at Sierra Tucson in Arizona. Victoria would give rehab another try in 2016, this time for a 60 day stay in Connecticut. Despite her efforts to control her urges, Victoria would relapse again and end up homeless and arrested in 2016. Deciding she was not ready and willing to give up on herself, Victoria checked into the Burning Tree. The Burning Tree is a long term rehab center that enforces a strict, scheduled filled program. Victoria has now learned effective tools from the Burning Tree and has implemented them to help others who struggle with addiction. Having experienced the struggles of addiction first hand, Victoria, a marketing expert, now plans to open a halfway house to support recovering drug addicts.