Vijay Eswaren’s Thoughts on Being a Thought Leader

Vijay Eswaren believes that leaders have at least five qualities that set them apart from others. Servant leaders who different from conventional leaders for the fact that they serve others before themselves. His examples of servant leaders include Mother Theresa, Mahatma Gandhi, and Nelson Mandela.

  1. Care

Vijay Eswaren states that servant leaders will care for others without having to have any restraints or have a condition. When a servant leader care there will be no worries of bad customer service

  1. Clarity of Vision

From the book Servant Leadership, author Ken Blanchard states that being a servant leader starts with “a clear, compelling vision for the future that excites the leader and the people who follow him.” Having a clear vision helps your team understand what you want and helps bring them together to reach a common goal. When people know what their leader wants, they are more likely to be more engaged.

  1. Core Values

Values define and hold up a servant leader’s mission, as they define who you are as a company and a leader. Common examples values can include compassion, honesty, and acceptance. Having core values help leaders keep on the path when times are tough.

  1. Commitment to Growth

One of the biggest investments a servant leader can make is their time. When a servant leader gives their team time both personally and professionally, it helps show the leader in a different light. Servant leaders help their team grow to their full potential and create a culture of growth within their company.

  1. Creating a Will to Sacrifice

A lot of servant leaders had their role pushed upon them, but are often the ones who sacrifice the most in order to reach their goals for the greater good. Being able to sacrifice can unify others together.